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It's a MADHouse ~!!

It's a complete madhouse today...but I am excited. Super busy yet excited, this morning I received a confirmation on a Pillow Pet Giveaway for you all. Yayyyy...have been on a list since January so I am super stoked, I know our last giveaway for this was a big hit and we are thrilled to get a new one. Hopefully we can have it up in the next week and a half, as soon as ours arrives, I promise we will post immediately.

Items for our I Luv Mom event are starting to trickle in...only two days are taken already so there is still plenty of space for anyone who would like to sponsor. We would love to get some Avon, Scentsy, and any other fun Mom items in so if you are interested definitely check out the info page for all the details.

$25 - Apothica Gift Certificate

Monday we have an giveaway coming...I mention this because I am absolutely in love with them right now. The opportunity to be sponsored by them was pretty huge and I was able to get the girls some really great stuff for their birthdays, since then I have also won 2 $25 cards. One for a post I did for them and another one that I won during a giveaway, and I plan on spending those last $25 on myself.

Oh and last but not least my baby {Sammy} turns 4 next Thursday--I still don't know what we are going to do and I still haven't even begun shopping for her. Eeeeeek...I have to seriously get on it asap. Anyways, thanks for reading this update, I hope you all have a really awesome weekend ~!

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