2011 Zooper Bolero {REVIEW}

Being a mom to 5 girls and grandma to 3 kids there have been plenty of strollers in my life. Recently though I received for Sammy the stroller of my dreams, the stroller I would have loved to have when she was born.

Zooper is a stroller and high chair manufacturer that has thought of everything when it comes to providing the perfect stroller for kids. 

I love all their designs and was so excited for the opportunity to get one for Sam. It is a Butterfly Purple 2011 Zooper Bolero and it arrived just like this.

The instructions came with so it only took BF about an hour to put together and get the hang of it. This Zooper comes with many items and extras so he wanted to really understand how to use all the pieces so we can get the most out of it.

My absolute favorite feature of all is the Reversible Basinnet. Your baby faces you while it is completely protected and perfectly comfortable. So important is that it includes the headrest, which will keep babys little head from moving and secure.

This is a shot of the sunshade that you can attach to keep 
baby protected from the sun and wind. 

This is Jacks favorite version of the Bolero. She is completely no fuss and loves how you can just stick Sam in here and go. 


The details on this Bolero are just wonderful. With four independent wheel suspensions, a big basket on bottom, an extra strong die cast handle release button that makes opening and closing so easy. It also has a ONE STEP rear link brake and One Hand Seat Recline you will find that you can spend less time messing around with the stroller and more time enjoying your time out. 

Snack Tray and Cupholder

Another favorite feature is the All Purpose Canopy Pocket. This pocket is huge so you can store plenty of items in it. We don't use a diaper bag anymore so I just carry her jacket and extra pair of pants and some wipes for hand cleaning when she eats in it.

This is the happy camper on a walk around our neighborhood, safely harnessed with Zoppers 5 Point Safety Harness. BTW Sam is about to be 3 and she is tall for her age, yet she fits perfectly inside. 

BF is most impressed and happy with the size and weight of this stroller. We like having a full size stroller rather than an umbrella because it is more comfortable, especially when Sam falls asleep. However they are usually so heavy and bulky, but not the Zooper Bolero.

The aluminum Zopper has used for their entire line is durable yet very light weight. That way you can enjoy another of it's great features. TheEasy Carry Handle that is on the side, which makes portability so much simpler. Imagine having this when out to places like Disneyland and you are going up and down the trams. It folds up so compact too, we just slide ours into our closet after each use.

The Bolero is so light that you can push it with one hand only. 
You can hold your drink or talk on your cell phone with complete ease. 

The new and improved full-cover sunshade is now in Zooper products-The all new design all-purpose canopy for the 2011 Zooper combines the UV net, rain cover, and sunshade into one single unit. Now, the all-purpose canopy serves all functions to shield your baby from rain, sunlight, and UV ray, saving you the trouble of bringing and setting up attachments.

I love this, when baby falls asleep or you are out in the sun simply open up the zipper and the canopy extends all the way to the armrest. Baby gets protected from the sun, wind, rain, prying eyes, light and even sounds so they will sleep longer. Hurray!

Sam is happy to again have a stroller and I am thrilled to have such an amazing one with so many features. I have packed away the Reversible Basinnet so we can have it ready for the next baby that arrives. I am sure that by the time Sam leaves this behind it will still be in perfect shape to be used again because of how sturdy it is. I want to thank Zooper for sending is this wonderful Bolero stroller


Visit Zopper to check out the rest of their line and to see all the features I have shown you for yourself. There are so many I might have missed a few.

Keep in touch with Zooper on FB and Twitter.

*Disclosure: I received a 2011 Zooper Bolero to facilitate this review. However all opinions expressed are my own and I was not financially compensated.


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Sara said...

Why didn't strollers come in pretty purple when I had a baby?

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Very cute - I love the color!

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Amy P. said...

Oh my gosh, the purple color is so GORGEOUS! It's nice to know the Bolero fit your big girl so well, she looks very comfy in it.

Was the stroller easy to push with a bigger child in the seat?