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Extra Entries ~ Like our new FB and Subscriber via Email ~!

Good morning and happy Sunday ...!
Okay so a few weeks ago when I lost our first template I erased our email subscribers (over 490), I remember I did this when I set up that cute little purple box that shows our reader count. 
I thought I was erasing the old feed from our blog spot, but I screwed up pretty royally. A very nice lady sent us an email this morning letting us know that when she tried to subscribe it was not working. Thank you, thank you!! So one hour later and I got a new one up, ready to go. I have signed up and confirmed and all seems to be in order. 

So my dear people.... we have guys now so I can't say girls anymore...lol. If you want ONE extra entry into each and everyone of our giveaways, PLEASE go sign up. :)))

Okay so then I guess I pissed off the Facebook Gods and my account was deleted 2 nights ago. OUCH!! This one hurt. We had over 1,790 friends and about 790 LIKES on our page. Months of work on this. We were doing so well too, had about 6 friend requests daily and had just found a brand new batch of old friends from my home town. All gone. Poof......

This is really important because companies always ask us what this count is, and we use this a lot to promote our giveaways and give our sponsors better coverage. We already don't have a page rank and at least had decent follower numbers to present potential sponsors, so we would hate to lose opportunities because of this. I have set up a new account and will mostly be using the blog page which is on the left to send updates. If you think you want to be a friend go ahead and send me a friend request, I would love that. If not at least like our page and get yourself another extra entry into all the giveaways. 

I just had a great idea to do a giveaway to help it grow really fast. Let me think on this a bit and then I will announce it. This actually sounds like it could be a lot of fun. For now hit like and get your entries and once we get the contest going you can help us spread the word out. 

Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day!!


MikiHope said...

I signed up on GFC like you on facebook and put in for an email sub!!!!

Michele aka MikiHope


Smash Bravo Team said...

Thanks Miki... so sweet to do them all. Went to your blog and did the same. Happy Sunday :))

Toni Tralala said...

I most definitely "liked" it. :) Was there a FB glitch? You should contact the team just in case it can me remedied. It's such a waste. :/

Smash Bravo Team said...

No, I think they deleted us for breaking the rules. They have a lot of rules about posting giveaways and things like that. :((( Bummer...