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Entering Giveaways and Winning . (Part1)

We all enter giveaways here and there but this past week I (ness) have concentrated on entering many giveaways for things that we need and would love to have. Winning on blogs is pretty addicting and now we can almost kick ourselves for missing out on it for so long. There are so many great things being given away too, that it boggles the mind. These are a few of the giveaways that I have joined this week:

CSN- Always our first choice, because at CSN you can get almost anything you want and right now we need a new toaster oven. We also want a new set of cookware so any CSN giveaway I find I join, even if it's only for $20.  (In case you are wondering, we ARE pretty good at winning. In December we won 5 CSN giveaways and that was without being as diligent about it as I am being this week)

Coffee: Mom loves coffee so anytime I see a Community Coffee or other brand I will join and try to win for her. In fact this week I did win a Mardi Gras gift set for her :)
Pillow Pets: As much as we all tried at Xmas time to win a Unicorn for Sammy we never did and ended up buying her one last minute. Now we need to win a puppy for Angel. We love the new valentine's designs and have entered about 3 giveaways for these, but let me tell you. These giveaways go from 1 comment to over 400 in just a day and these are very hard to win. 

Build-a-Bear: Another favorite of our kids and there are plenty of bloggers right now giving away $25 gift cards. The plan would be to try to win at least one so we can take them to the mall that day and get them each a stuffed valentine pet. We're always happy to pay for the kids stuff but winning a free card and paying less is always a nice treat.

Lingerie: Any time we can enter to win lingerie, bras and panties of any sort, we do. At Xmas I was able to get my kid sisters a bra and panty set that they loved and I am aiming for more.

Perfumes-Scented Lotions: We love scents and also look for these specific giveaways. 

Make-up: Always a given, we love makeup and can always use some more.

How to find these giveaways?

Besides reading the blogroll several times a day I am now going to the giveaway linkies. These are the mother load! I will open up a few at a time and go through the lists opening as many as I find that look good.

Once I have like a zillion windows open I go through each site, looking at the prize and how many entries they have. Generally if a giveaway already has over 300 comments I will skip it. If not, I leave the window open to come back and enter once I am done with my search.

I am trying to be good to my computer and getting back to those windows and entering the giveaway as soon as possible because it usually runs so slow because I will have about 40 or more open at a time. So I sit down, try to get some peace and quiet and go through each one, closing windows as I go and making notes of daily tweets and votes that will get me an extra entry per day.

Come back tomorrow for the 2nd part of this post where I will explain how I keep track of all these daily entries. I will also talk about the importance of having a Twitter, FB and Stumble Upon account, I don't always post to these and certainly not every giveaway BUT it's nice to have a pick of different options to choose from. The point is to get yourself as many entries into these giveaways so you can have lots and lots of wins, but to do it without overwhelming your followers.


MANDY83 said...

thank you for writing this. I just started entering giveaways so this was really helpful to me!

Joann said...

I know just what you mean! I am lucky I won a blender from CSN last year! I still keep trying to win though, as we always need stuff! Thats also the reason I enter and also for my honey.

Smash Bravo Team said...
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Smash Bravo Team said...

@MANDY83- I'm very happy this can help you. Winning on blogs is so easy and the trick is to do it smartly, so I plan on putting together a few more posts with more details about how to help you all, especially the newbies :)
I will also be posting the wins so we can see if I am just full of hot air or for reals ..LOL.

Smash Bravo Team said...
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Smash Bravo Team said...

Yep.. we also enter stuff we see that we know the other girls will like. Sometimes the things are not even that valuable, but if I know one of them will like it, I will enter.

There are tons of CSN giveaways right now, if you check out our Tweets you will see a lot of them tweeted out.
(just an idea for you)