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To Do : Find Cute Black Boots Under $40

I have been SO busy with my moms Cardiac appointments this week that I have not had any time to sit and write a decent post or post any of the giveaways we have ready to go.The thing is I hate to do the reviews in a rush, I need to have plenty of time to add as much info as I can and post up my pictures and I refuse to do it in a hurry.

So today I have a little bit of time to actually sit here and write something, but it turns out I want to write about shopping... China and Ciara both need some boots for the coming months and this weekend I want to concentrate on finding them some. As it turns out Target had a special for the day on boots in 5 colors for only $25 with free shipping on two pairs, but by the time I got back home and logged on they were out of their sizes in black.

Talk about missing a good deal! $25 for a pair of boots is pretty amazing. I have seen similar boots this week at Payless for $40 and at the mall for up to $120. And I really do not want to spend a lot on these boots because even though Ciara is very good at taking care of her shoes, China is not. She will take a brand new pair of suede boots out for one day and come back with them looking like she went out hiking in the mud, and since she shares with Ciara then there is no way that I am going to pay more than $40 per pair.

So where to go?? Not sure yet, I will most likely have to do rounds at every store to see who has the best price. Our town is very small and has a very limited selection of stores:

2 Super Walmarts

and I think that's it! How sorry is that list of stores??

So we'll end up having to drive 45 minutes out to the nearest mall in search of these boots I bet. But I guess it will be fun and we can make a day of it and maybe hunt down some other sales and of course have a few Cinnabons (best part of the day!).

If I find any good deals I will be sure to post them up. 


Angela @ Nine More Months said...

My Target has some really cute scrunchy black boots and they're not too expensive!

Renee said...

Oh yes, keep us posted!! I don't yet have a cute pair of black boots, but I have wanted the perfect pair for the perfect price for the longest time!! (try to decipher that! LOL) I can't wait to see what you find!!


Sassy Sites! said...

I'm hosting a blog party tomorrow over at Sassy Sites. It's Feature YOU Friday! Come by tonight and link up! I would love to have your cute blog on there... xoxo

Marni @ Sassy Sites!