~*~Smash Bravo's Hitlist & Tuesday's Hops~*~ - Sammy Makes Six

~*~Smash Bravo's Hitlist & Tuesday's Hops~*~


Hello Existing or New Followers! It's time for our second post in our family series called Smash Bravo's Hitlist, where if you don't already know, every blogger in our family says what there favorite song of the week is! Yay! So let's not delay it any longer, here is this weeks Smash Bravo Hitlist! :)

1. Journey-Oh Sherry (80's Rock?) for Mama
2. Jason Deour-Riding Solo (R&B) for Nessa
3. Paramore-The Only Exception (Rock/Pop) for Jack Black
4. Afro Jack-Quaky (Electro) for Kana 
5. Drake-Miss Me (Rap) for Munkey
6. Glee Cast-Push It (Remake of 80's HipHop) for Sammy (She's just the weirdest little thing!)

*If your visiting with the Tuesday blog hops, please tell us what's your favorite song of the week?

Tuesday Tag-Along


EnVii said...

hola ladies!! passing on by to say hii!! had the baby shes precious!! pics up on my lates post n the one before!! hope you ladies are having a great week

Christy said...

Thanks for joining the Tuesday Train. The new button can be found on my sidebar. Have a great week!

Mrs. Deputy said...

Thanks for Stopping by my blog :) I am now following you!

April said...

following you :) love your cute bloggy!



Jeweled Chavon said...

Followed Back!! thanks!

Melanie said...

Oh neat a Tuesday blog hop :)
Favorite song..hmmm. Jeez I like alot, umm..wow..errr...aa..I honestly can't even think of one..LOL maybe I need more coffee to think about that. :)

Stopping by to let you know I've given you a Blog award at My Side of Life. Pick up up here

Mismikado said...

Thanks for following my blog and my favorite song of the week is "Obsessed with You" by The Orion Experience.

Erica K said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a follower


our playlist right now is all the songs from Camp Rock 2...

Jane @ Going Jane said...

New follower here! What a cute idea! :)