~*~JackBlacks Random Rants 2~*~ - Sammy Makes Six

~*~JackBlacks Random Rants 2~*~

Hola loyal followers, this is JackBlack speaking, and this is the second in my series of JackBlacks Random Rants, where as you may remember I rant, at random. Before I begin I would just like to apologize for my lack of ranting, it's just that well Hollywood has been so boring lately. It's ridiculous these people get paid millions to entertain us and yet, I have not been entertained in the slightest. So much for doing their jobs. Now we shall begin at...

Paris Hilton was arrested! Seriously if anybody was surprised by that bit of news, then all I have to say is... really? To top of the fact that she was arrested for being in possession of cocaine, she told the dumbest lie EVER, to try to get out of it. According to the police Paris claims that the bag containing the illegal substance belonged to a friend and she was just borrowing it. Only to have every single entertainment news program completely contradict that statement, by showing off the tweets of her bragging about said purse and even wearing it at an event one month prior. Again I ask, really? The girl is a train wreck, she grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth, and like most others, choked! Like big time!

Micheal Lohan has decided to open up his own rehabilitation center with the help of Hutton Gibson. The man who claims the Holocaust never happened, that Pope Benedict XVI is a "homosexual", and is half responsible for bringing the utter alcoholic train wreck into this world, that is Mel Gibson. Shame on you! I guess now we all know who to blame for Mel being as F****d up as he is. Bravo Hutton Gibson! Oh and lets go back to that whole Michael Lohan part of this, the man who fathered hopefully "former" train wreck and alcoholic Lindsay Lohan. Is he freaking serious?! Am I the only person who thinks that these men are possibly the last people on earth we should be turning to when we are in a crisis. These men are in a crisis! If I could say anything to these douche bags it would be... "Please stop worrying about trying to "save" the rest of the world, and focus on your own damn children!"

Michael Douglas has throat cancer. I think I speak for our entire family when I say we all hope that he makes a full recovery and have nothing but the BEST of wishes for him and his family. The odds of getting cancer in ones lifetime are 1 in 2 men, and 1 in 3 women. Which is why I think that everybody should tune in and donate to Stand Up 2 Cancer, airing on every major network on September 10 at 8PM/7PM central. For more on this cause please visit STANDUP2CANCER.ORG

On to a much happier news as well as my one of my two good rants, Prop 8 is officially overturned! YAY!!! In case you have no idea what this means, it means it is now legal for gay and lesbian couples to marry in California! To which again I say, YAY!!! Finally our state is taking a step in the right direction and allowing all Americans their own basic rights, to which some were so rudely denied.

My second good rant is Jimmy Fallon, did an AMAZING job at hosting the 62nd Annual Emmy Awards! He was incredible, from his opening number with my absolute favorite the Glee cast, to his surprisingly funny various monologues. It was just amazing! And get this he is actually a pretty impressive singer, who knew?! I was defiantly shocked, especially since I kind of considered him to be a little overrated, and have found his talk show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, only a bit funny. But it was definitely a good kind of shocked. I cannot wait to see who they get to host next year!

That's my Random Rant, until next time! :)


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