Back to School Pictures - Sammy Makes Six

Back to School Pictures

Angels school is only 5 minutes away on the same block we live on so we grabbed the stroller and walked, it was a very nice walk even though it was actually pretty hot (about 85 degrees). My mom felt well enough to go with us and is sporting here favorite hat :)

The Carls Jr. truck was already there serving the food which was pretty decent.

After eating we headed of to see Angels classroom, BUT it was so hot inside and someone had thrown up in the classroom, most likely from the heat and stuffiness that instead we elected to stay outside. We also stopped by the Book Fair where Angel got a Shark 3D book and an alien toy for only $7.

Then we went to the playground where the kids got 40 minutes of uninterrupted play and we got to sit there being eaten by fruit flies, all as the sun went down over the hills behind us.

THE END.....

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