Monetizing our Blog, or more like "trying" to. - Sammy Makes Six

Monetizing our Blog, or more like "trying" to.

Sammy Makes Six will be one month old this Friday and in this short amount of time I feel like we have managed to do a lot. Today we passed the 100 follower goal we had set for ourselves ahead of time plus we passed 700 followers on Twitter.

You might have noticed the girls are a bit quiet lately, it's because its their last weeks before school and they are spending it either laying down passed out or with friends. This has given me some time to try to get all this stuff sorted out. 

This is a list of the things that I have NOT been able to do or figure out.
  • Replying to comments: now matter what we try we simply can not reply to comments people make on here, when we post something it goes on as a comment and NOT a reply. There have been so many kind or funny comments that we wanted to reply to but could not, PLUS it's good etiquette to reply to comments and we really would love to be able to.
  • Add a subscribe via email button: I have searched and searched the net and can not figure out how to add one, I know we need it but how how do I get it on here? DONE!!  Took me an hour but I did it just in time for the giveaway.phew!
  • Monetize: This is a BIG one. We had added Adsense and only 3 days after adding it they canceled my account because our blog was "dangerous" or something like that to their advertisers. So with that plan out of the window I have had to look for other ways to monetize SMS.
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I work from home and have been for the past few years. I have never earned thousands of dollars but still made a decent living which along with my child support helps with our expenses. This past month while taking so much time with SMS I have neglected my advertising sites and this is why monetizing it is so important. I need to replace some of what I am losing on my sites to here so that I can keep going with it without having to stress out about money. 

Adgitize your web site.Last night I found a blog (a very big one) that recommended these two sites and I signed up and am giving them a try. If they don't work out I will look for something else but at least we've started trying some stuff out, and sooner or later we'll find something that works. 

Now the most exciting part of this post it this next part.

 Tomorrow we are posting our first giveaway in celebration of making our goal of 100 followers. 2 Winners will get a $10 gift card to one of my favorite hang outs, Starbucks. We figured we would start on the smaller end and each time we reach 100 more followers we will do another.

So please come back and sign up tomorrow and I would love if any of you can share some good info you might have. I am so new to this particular world and any help or suggestions are happily accepted.


Angela @ Nine More Months said...

Check your settings and make sure you have an email address listed for comments. Then you'll get comments emailed to you and you can reply that way. If the commenter doesn't have an email address to reply to you can visit their blog and comment on theirs. I prefer to just return the favor by commenting on their blog.

Nicole said...

Im your newest follower! Please visit me @!

Tammy said...

Thanks for linking up today with us for Thursday's Friends and Giveaways. I am your newest follower! I do sponsored tweets and I have made a little money...My Likes is another easy can sign up under me on my blog if you like. My Likes automatically drops in money into your paypal every month I believe. Have a great one!

Lana said...

Thanks for the comment. I hope your theater is back up and running very soon! I'm your newest follower!