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What is Sammy Up To?

Sammys dad was gone since Friday night and just arrived back home last night. She spent the entire 3 days at home with her niece, yes niece, Darlene. They are 6 months apart and Darlene is the bully, so Sammy spent the whole time trying to have fun with Darlene but mostly getting picked on. 
Sammy has a very kind heart and is not a fighter, shes a CRIER, so this time was actually pretty stressful for the rest of us as every half an hour she would cry about what Darlene was doing to her now, but this morning Sammy is happy because she got a good morning kiss and hug from Papa as he was heading out the door to work. 
Her Papa is back and for her nothing could be better than that...
Look at that smile and tell me its not evil.
I Just Want To Have Fun :)

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