Sunday @ The Beach - Sammy Makes Six

Sunday @ The Beach

On Sunday we had to go and pick up my Mom from San Diego County which is about an hour and a half away from where we live and my home town. The weather here was 102 and we decided to take Sammy and make a beach day out of it, we hadn't been to the beach in over 6 months and thought what a treat it would be for her. So A.B. (BF) and I grabbed the baby and piled into the car, a quick stop at Target for a set of sand shovels and scoops ($1 section) later and we were on the road. 
45 Minutes later we exited in Fallbrook  thinking we were now only 20 minutes away from our favorite beach in Carlsbad. Little did we know that over an hour later we would still be in the same traffic, as there was a huge traffic jam and detour that ended up taking us totally away from the direction we were headed. 
So one hour , huge headaches and nasuea later we finally get out of the traffic and had to hunt down some food. Carne Asada burritos (best part of the trip) for only $3.95 and a huge Coke with ice later we get back on the road and into the freeway, thinking now were almost there!
It only took us about 15 minutes to get there and this is the sunny beach we found. It was only 60 degrees in Carlsbad and cloudy as hell. Plus there was a very and I say very brisk wind too..

We had to wrap Sammy with her beach towel and though she was cold at first soon she settled down for an hour of sand castle making. When we left she made me promise that we would come back to the beach in " the morrow". I think next time we plan a trip to the beach I better check first and pack her extra clothes, this little trip really taught us that though we are so close to San Diego the weather differences are really extreme. It really, really made me miss S.D. and once again made me ask myself why we left there to live in this hot dessert and so far away from the beach and all the things we love so much.

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