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My BF's Car Stolen in Ensenada Mexico !!

My BF had to buy a new Nissan this week in order to replace his Toyota wagon that was stolen last week while he was visiting his daughter in Ensenada Mexico. I think even more shocking than the theft was why in the world anyone would want to steal that car, it was 1989 Toyota Camry Wagon and the poor thing was falling apart. 

It was a sad little car but because the engine worked so good and because BF is a salesman and drives everyday all day long he loved his little crappy car, and then one night he decided to go and do something he does often. At 10:00pm he went to a taco stand for dinner, parked in the back and when he came back every other car was still there but his. He then spent the night dealing with the Mexican police who assured him he would probably never see it again but that of course they would attempt to find it. After waiting a few days to see if anything came of the big investigation he had to break down and begin to look for a new car. 

So this is a pic of him when he finally arrived home with the new car. He still misses the old car and I really think he is still hoping to get it back one day even if its in pieces. As for us, we love the new one we are actually kind of happy that the old heap is gone and we have a new car to drive around in. Sorry, it may a bit cruel but its true. :)

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