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I Won a Giveaway ;)

Yesterday morning while sitting here having my cinnamon and raisin bagel breakfast with my boyfriend.... I got an email letting me know that I had won a giveaway !! I had seen the Brugo Mug being given on several of the blogs and as soon as I saw how it worked I realized I would love to have one. I am a coffee addict and this mug is made for coffee lovers everywhere and I am so happy to say that very soon I will have my own in my hot little hands. The BF is already asking if he can have it so that he does not have to burn himself anymore when drinking coffee, he is one of those types that waits till it cools of to drink, and I already said "Heck no, get your own!!."

Fabulous Daily Deals is the blog that I won the giveaway from, I hope you can go by and check it out. It also offers a ton of great daily deals and coupons. 

Being only 1 week and a few days old to this whole bloggy world this sure came as a huge surprise to me. Ive joined about 6 in total and to have already won something, especially something so handy has really opened my eyes to this whole give away world. Don't know how much time this mom will have to blog now, as I have so many more giveaways to join!!

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