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Party Time For Kana & Munkey

I [jackblack] am a bit of an antisocial person, so you will never catch me out on the town or at the clubs like my younger sisters. I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as clubs for teens, but there are and my sisters have found them and are regular attendees.

So the party for them officially begins on Friday afternoon, while me and Mom were busy out running all the errands and getting groceries in killer heat, my 2 sisters were here at home poofing up their hair and putting on the smallest of shorts to show off their torn fish nets. My mom laughs when they head out because she says how much it reminds her of her party years. She says they look so"80's", except for the beehive hairdos, or whatever those huge bumpy hairdos are called. I think that's why she lets them be so free about their clothes and tons of make-up, because she remembers when she did the same thing.

Okay so did YOU know that fish nets were even in style??

Well apparently they are, at least for the PARTY PEOPLE of the world, as for me, all I knew of fish net stockings was that "women of the night" wear them and never thought my Mom and sisters would actually be making special trips to the mall to buy just the right ones. They buy them for about $8-$10 at Hot Topic. This page has a really good selection in case any of you are in need of a fashionable fish net for your (sorry I am being sarcastic)

Well back to the story, so the poofing of hair and usage of at least 2 cans of hairspray was going on when we got home that afternoon, Mom even managed to arrive with [2] brand new Almay glosses for them that she found 75% off at Rite Aid. I don't think that I ever heard a thank you but I did hear that they each needed $10 to get into the club.

At about 10:00 their ride arrived and off the wicked sisters left to the ball and we sat here and watched TV while mom was on her computer. It was pretty peaceful at that point and we got to enjoy that until about 3:00a.m. when the ladies decided to show up at home. Why do they get away with this? Mostly because by the time they get home Mom has fallen asleep.

On Saturday once again the poofing, eye liner and mascara marathon began in the middle of the day and off they ran at about 8:00 p.m. They actually had plans with 3 different sets of people and someone won them in the end… (wow lucky them!) again peace reigned in the house after that, They got home at about 2:00 and then staid up until 5:00 on Myspace and listening to music.

Today we are all home and no one has yet puffed their hair or flashed the eyeliner and mascara wands. I guess they have been retired at least for the next day or so until the girls have plans again.

I realized we have a picture of one of them [kana] with stockings on and decided to post it here for educational purposes, in case you have not seen these worn around your town.

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mandi said...

Your too cute! Great blog! I love the idea of mothers and daughters writing together. I'll be back to visit!