Blogs By Latinas Member! - Sammy Makes Six

Blogs By Latinas Member!

Sammy Makes Six has officially been added to Blogs by Latinas, which is a directory of Latina bloggers.

I want the girls to remember that even though they are Pacific Islanders they are also Latinas. It's important for our kids to know where they came from and for them to celebrate it, and as of today they are official Latina bloggers along with their Mummy.


Laura @ Just For Love said...

Hi girls!

I found you over at Frenchy's blog on a comment you left. You all are such pretty ladies! I love that you are a family that blogs together. Very, very sweet :)

Lots of love,

brandon and jakell said...

Following from Friday Follow! Have a fabulous day!!!Hope you'll follow me back :)

alnaruz said...

Congratulations to you as well. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!
Al@ The Lady Blog