Sammy Makes Six

Apr 27, 2015

A Quick & Easy Breakfast

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La vida es como un carnaval according to Celia Cruz, or if you ask me I would say life is like an insane asylum. There just seems to be so very little down time and a lot of go, go, go! And when life is handing you so much to do, it is most important to take care of yourself. That's why even on my busiest day, before heading out the door, I make sure we have something in our tummies. I always say one of the worst things in the world is when you are out running errands or working and your stomach starts to grumble. And how about the kids who need to have brain power and energy to learn and do their best? Sometimes when we are in a real hurry, I will give the kids a panesito and a glass of milk on the run, or maybe I will throw a small package of biscuits in their bag. But when we have a little bit of extra time I love to get out the blender and make them an old fashioned Licuado de Fresa

The licuado that I make for my kids is the licuado that my abuelita used to make in Guadalajara Mexico, minus the egg.  Of course I am sure that my abuelitas authentic Mexican licuado was a lot more delicious, since she was making it on a real licuado machine and she had Mexican chocolate to add to it, but my kids don't know this and I will never tell...shhhhh. Another thing that I don't usually tell the kids, well at least not the picky ones, is that I have snuck in a bunch of vitamins and minerals by adding Nestlé Carnation Breakfast Essentials Powder. So they aren't just getting a yummy breakfast treat, they are getting a nutritious breakfast that will keep them going till lunch time. It's not easy giving kids a balanced breakfast, especially on busy days, but Nestlé Carnation Breakfast Essentials Powder can be incorporated into a smoothie, a shake or it can be simply enjoyed as an instant breakfast stirred in a glass of milk. I've seem some moms mix this in with their baking and give their kids  extra vitamin and minerals they have no idea they are getting. 

On those mornings when there is a little bit of time, I will make my kids their licuado and shoo them off to work and school. Then Adrian and I can also sit down and enjoy a tiny bit of down-time on our own. Getting to sit down in bed with a nice cup of licuado and our phones to check emails and social media is nice.

Once we've had our vitamin and mineral packed breakfast, we are ready to face the day. 

A healthy breakfast for the family is essential, and with Nestlé Carnation Breakfast Essentials Powder it's easy to give it to them. Find Nestlé Carnation Breakfast Essentials Powder at Walmart. 

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Carnation Breakfast Essentials® will donate $25,000 to Feeding America to help those in need.

Apr 24, 2015

Space to Dream & Wings to Fly

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As a five time mother I can tell you that being a parent is not always perfect nor is it easy. From the day your kids come into the world you work so hard to be a good parent a teacher and a cheerleader, and because there is no manual for parenting, you learn as you go. For me and my girls it's been quite a ride. It hasn't always been perfect, but like to think that I did good on the issues that really matter, like providing a stable home and support system. My Sammy is so full of ideas for things she wants to do with her life. And I would never tell her that anything is  impossible or mock her, instead I agree that she can do it. It is important for us to show our kids that they can conquer their dreams, and that they have to work hard so that one day they can fulfill those dreams. But the dream comes first...and it's okay to dream big because you CAN do it!

Honda knows that as a parent, it is important to give your children mental and physical “Space to Dream” and that as an adult it is important to remember your dreams.  That’s why they created “Space to Dream”, a touching spot that shows how the 2015 CR-V offers the safety and space needed to create dreams and drives you to the places that will help you make them a reality.

Adrian and I took a trip tp our local Honda dealership to take a peek at the 2015 CR-V ourselves and we both fell in love! It is so roomy and so incredibly nice, I can see how a family like ours can enjoy this vehicle and really get that space and comfort. I am looking to buy a new car at the end of the year so I took extra photos which I will be sharing in another post so you all can see how roomy and loaded this vehicle is! I can definitely conquer my dreams in the 2015 CR-V.

Give your kids space to dream as big as they want, the sky is the limit when we put no boundaries on their dreams. Let's give our kids Space to Dream and Wings to Fly!

Apr 23, 2015

The Target Spring 2015 Beauty Box

Being able to grab one of the seasonal Target Beauty Boxes is a luck thing, either you were lucky enough to score one or you get to see all the gloating and happiness of the people that did get it.  I personally don't know if they announce ahead of time that it's going to be for sale or if someone just randomly spots it and lets everyone else know. Last week I was in the right place (IG) at the right time when someone posted that it was live. I don't always jump on these $5 boxes because I am not big into samples or maybe I don't really want any of the products, but this time two products made me stand up and take notice. The two products that got me all perky where the Loreal Infallible Pro-Spray and the Maybelline Color Elixir. 

Now if you follow me on IG you will know that I love Loreal products but only buy them on sale or with a coupon because they are so darn essspensive! When this Loreal line launched I purchased the foundation and then one, just one of the setting sprays because even after the coupon at Target I paid $11.99. The regular price on this guy in Target and Walmart is about $12-13.99 and up to $15.99 in the drugstores. I ended up giving Munkey that one bottle and have been biding my time until a deal popped up somewhere to get myself one. Well what a surprise when I saw that a FULL SIZED bottle of the Loreal Infallible Pro-Spray was included in this Target Beauty Box! That was pretty much enough for me to get on Target's site and hunt the box down. 

The other item that really made me happy was the Maybelline Color Elixir. I am a pretty big fan of these and have about 5 of them. These are anywhere from $6.99-$8.99 and I only have the ones I have because I have gotten them during an Ulta deal. Ulta is really good about their Maybelline deals. 

So an expensive Loreal setting spray and one of my favorite glosses in a $5 Beauty Box. It was a no-brainer. I first got one for myself and then ordered three more to give to the girls. 

When the box arrived I was happy to see that we got a really nice color on the Maybelline Color Elixir (Rose Redifined). I was thinking the girls might want to give theirs up since supposedly they don't wear gloss, but no they all kept their elixir. Bummer dude. 

And who doesn't love a travel sized hair spray. This is our go-to brand of hair spray so definitely stoked about this as well.

But seriously this made the box. $5 for this Loreal Infallible Pro-Spray and everything else? Bonkers! I am super happy that I got myself and three of the kids a box, this was a real good one! Did you score a Spring Target Beauty Box?

Apr 22, 2015

A Messy Life Needs a Great Multi-tasker

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PalmoliveMultiSurface #CollectiveBias

Life as usual has been extremely hectic lately. If it's not something to do with work, the girls, or the grandkids, then it's got something to do with someone getting sick. This week it's China, she is once again in the hospital dealing with the gallbladder issue that has sent us to this same hospital before. Life is just crazy, and as I am fond of telling you all, you need to learn to deal with it. Even though she is in the hospital, the rest of life is going on. Sammy still has to be sent to school every morning, the other kids have to be dropped off and I have a ton of work to complete. On top of all that good stuff, my house still needs cleaning! Like yesterday when I got home for quick break, the entire kitchen and floor where so disgusting because the plumber had finally showed up to fix the pipe that had been leaking for two weeks. What is it about plumber's being so darn messy? Instead of coming home to relax for a little while, we ended up having to deal with a messy kitchen.

But being a team (of three at that moment) we knocked that kitchen out quickly and I had enough time to grab a napppie nappie before heading out the door again. The trick to dealing with a dirty kitchen for me is pretty much the same as how to deal with a crazy, hectic life: be a great multi-tasker. And as a great multi-tasker, I look for products that will also multi-task and help me deal with life's little (or big) messes. 

The Palmolive brand is old school in my house, my mom used and still uses Palmolive as her numero Uno in the kitchen. It's great at dealing with grease which is common in our cooking and it leaves los trastes feeling clean and sparkling. But did you know there is a new Palmolive detergent? Palmolive® Multi-Surface Dish Soap brings all of the scrubbing and grease fighting power from before, but now it is a multi-tasker, just like me! Palmolive® Multi Surface eliminates 99.9% of bacteria (*staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica and E. coli ((157:H7)) from dishes and hard non porous kitchen surfaces. After doing the dishes, just soap up your sponge and scrub all the counters and stove, quickly and efficiently. I love a product that helps me save time, space and money.

Like my mom says: "Para una cocina muy limpia, hay que usar Palmolive." Find this new Palmolive® Multi-Surface Dish Soap at Walmart.

Apr 20, 2015

I Survived #LillyForTarget

Where you part of the frenzy known as Lilly for Target this Sunday? Not only was Target's website knocked offline by avid shoppers looking to don Golden Girls inspired Miami wear (not really but the designs are very Golden Girls-eske), but I guess stores where hit majorly. I saw pictures online of lines and lines of women waiting for Target stores to open nationwide, all in hopes of snagging some of the floral goods for themselves. Some ladies even wore matching floral clothing so maybe they could blend in with the merchandise and get a chance to grab more, something of a floral chamo in preparation for the war of Lilly Pulitzer. It was so bad, many are comparing it to the Hunger Games. My store? Not so much.

I arrived at my homely little Target at almost noon to find that most of the merchandise was still sitting there. I had over 35 minutes to roam the store looking around and taking pictures for my Insta peeps before I even saw any of that Hunger Games action. Thank goodness I had already grabbed the bags I wanted because after about 35 minutes of strolling the store checking out the goodies...two separate ladies arrived and started grabbing entire bunches of clothes in hangers. They weren't even looking at the clothes, rather grabbing the bunches and throwing them in their cart as they hungrily looked around at those of us with a few things in our carts. At some point I was sure that I heard the Jaws music playing as one of them circled me over and over again while greedily looking at my two purses. I was the only one at that point that had the pink and blue bags and let me tell you, I felt like fresh meat. 

It wasn't long before the sharks took most of the good stuff and Adrian and I decided to get out of dodge with our booty (lol). We paid (ouch!) and went to lunch where we went over our Lilly Pulitzer adventure. At the end of the day I will tell you what, it saddens me so much that my hokey little town is so poor that only the sharks and those better off could purchase this collection. Forget that most of it is totally tacky and busy, what I would not do for the economy here to get better so that all my neighbors could have afforded some of that tacky ass crap. One of the girls working there told me that there had been a "few" people waiting for the store to open, but they had done all of their damage in the outdoor section where $60 chairs, $100 umbrellas and a really cool $150 hammock were for sale. These must have been ladies who were more well off and could afford those higher priced items. But what about the poh people! We want to buy tacky, overpriced shit too! 

Well, I not only survived #LillyForTarget, I came back a conquering hero, but I wanted more people to join my team. How about you, did you survive #LillyForTarget?