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A Quick Summer Recipe | Shrimp Cocktail Shooters

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Are you as excited as we are about summer? Yes, after a long winter and somewhat strange spring, we are ready for the arrival of summer. We will all finally be able to sleep in and there are a lot of family gatherings to look forward to. We're Mexican, so you know that family gatherings are all about the food & drink and living a moment to the fullest with your entire family around you. 

I am not a big meat eater like the rest of the family, so I always like to bring a dish to family gatherings that is lighter yet flavorful. These are my favorite Shrimp Cocktail Shooters and they are so easy to make! I will be pairing these with cold bottles of Corona Extra.

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Shrimp Cocktail Shooters 


1 pound cooked shrimp
1/2 cup tomato juice
1-2 chopped chile serrano
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2  cup chopped tomato
1/2 chopped cucumber
salt & pepper to taste
1 lime / juice

2-3 chopped avocados


In a large bowl pour all of your ingredients together, minus the avocado and mix. Refrigerate until just prior to serving, I like to do this for at least 30 minutes to let all the flavors mesh together. Now just prepare each little cup with a few spoonfuls of the mix, a healthy dose of avocado and 1 shrimp.  


What I love about these Shrimp Cocktail Shooters is that they are not just incredibly easy to make. These smaller servings are perfect for family gatherings because with so much food to eat, it's hard to enjoy all of it. In these small cups, everyone can enjoy a few and move on to the next dish. It's more of a sampling of shrimp cocktail, but one they will definitely enjoy.

This shrimp cocktail really is spicy so make sure to have a Corona Extra ready and waiting.

Life is good, it really is, even with as tumultuous as the world happens to be at the moment, you always have to look at the good things in your life. We have our family, we have our health and we have "la chamba" to keep us going. And if we work really hard during the week we can look forward to those weekends when we can relax and enjoy everything we work so hard for.

With Spotify playing in the background, a Shrimp Cocktail Shooter in my hand and a cold Corona Extra waiting for me, I must say that life is def good. Cheers. 

Save Time & Money Shopping For Your Pets on

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When I tell people that we have five cats and one dog they ask me what in the world I am doing with so many pets. But think about it, I have 5 kids and 6 grandkids, obviously big families are my thing and I believe in helping animals in need as much as I can. Sure, the house gets messy and caring for so many pets is expensive and time consuming. But that is part of having pets and you just do your best to learn to live with them and their fur (vacuuming twice a day!), plus eventually you figure out how to shop smarter for them.

This is where comes into the picture. Normally I will drive to the store and pick up a few bags of cat and dog food, along with cat litter. But that's pretty heavy work and getting home to unload everything, usually on my own isn't a lot of fun. Isn't it strange how now one is around to help unload the car when you have heavy items? Plus it's time consuming and with so much to do in a day, a trip to the store can easily take over 2 hours of my time. 

Save Time & Money Shopping For Your Pets on

Now instead of hitting the store with a carload of kids, we can sit at the computer and order directly from using our family Amazon Prime account. Not only is this so much less stressful, time consuming and easier on your back, you can save money using the Subscribe & Save offers. With as many pets as we have, we need to save money on their food whenever possible because they go through their food so quickly. 

With the Subscribe & Save offers, I can order the Purina® ONE® Tender Selects Blend with Real Salmon Dry Cat Food and a large bag of Purina® ONE® SmartBlend True Instincts Real Salmon and Tuna for the very small dog who has a very large appetite, and stretch my money further. With the Subscribe & Save feature I can choose how often I need the product delivered so I can plan ahead and not run out of food at the last minute. 

Subscribe & Save offer details:

a. Save $5 off your first purchase using Subscribe & Save 
b. Save 5% when you subscribe for one product
c. Save up to 15% when you subscribe for five products

On I can also order other things the pets may need: toys, leash, food bowls, etc., and have it all conveniently delivered to out front door. This is a super convenient way to get their needs taken care of, especially since we are leaving on vacation in a few days and need to ensure they have everything they need. 

Shopping for our pets on is definitely the way to go. If you're looking for a convenient way to shop for your pets, try it out. Don't forget you save $5 off your first purchase using Subscribe & Save!

Now that we've saved all that extra time by shopping for the pets on Amazon, we can spend that time enjoying their company and staying out of the 106° heat. Our cats aren't exactly cuddly but they tolerate us for a little while.

Our pets are very important to us and it's been nice to find a more convenient way to take care of their needs. Now if we could only find a way to get them all bathed without having to take complete baths ourselves, now that would be something! 

How often do you shop for pet food and are you looking for a more convenient way to go about it?

Easy & Yummy Dessert | Fried Plantains w/ Sweet Condensed Milk

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One of our favorite things to do during the summer is visit the San Diego County Fair (aka the Del Mar Fair to San Diego natives). And you probably don't have to guess what my very favorite part of the fair is do you? It's the FOOD! I love me a good funnel cake covered in strawberries and powdered sugar, cotton candy, the fried everything! Yes, I am a fan of fair foods and thought I am not talented enough to be able to make my own funnel cake at home, I can definitely enjoy another one of my favorite treats that you can usually find at Mexican fairs, fried plantains. 

Fried plantains are delicious and they are really easy to make. I think that's my favorite part of this recipe, as long as you have some sweet condensed milk in the pantry, some chocolate syrup and a few plantains around, you can make this delicious treat in under 15 minutes. 

For my recipe I used LouAna Peanut Oil which I purchased at Ralphs. Peanut oil has a high smoke point, creating a surface seal that locks the food’s natural moisture allowing the steam to cook the food from the inside out. The result is a delicate, golden crispy outside and a juicy, tasty inside and with LouAna Peanut oil, you can be sure that your favorite fried dishes will be crispy, crunchy to perfection! That’s because LouAna is the #1 Brand of Peanut Oil in the country!

Lou Ana was born in Opelousas, Louisiana in 1820, a place where the food is an elemental expression of love, flavor and family. With over 14 different types of cooking oil, LouAna has the perfect oil for all of your cooking needs whether its sautéing, deep frying or baking, LouAna helps every type of cook put the best dish on the table each and every time.

Fried Plantains w/ Sweet Condensed Milk

1 plantain per serving
2tbsp sweet condensed milk
2tbsp chocolate syrup
whipped cream

I really enjoy the true flavor of plantains, for my recipe we are not coating them with sugar or cinnamon powder. The only thing you have to do is slice the plantains while the oil begins to heat. When oil is hot carefully place the pieces into the oil and fry until browned (they will feel tender) and place on paper towel to drain the excess oil.

These are best enjoyed warm so plate and serve quickly. 

Place one plantain on each plate.

Drizzle with sweet condensed milk.

Drizzle with chocolate syrup.

Add a dollop of whipped cream.

And, top with a cherry if you're feeling extra. 

Delicious and so satisfying when you're craving something sinfully delicious. This is also a great recipe to make in large batches for summer parties. For a party I would serve these in small bowls and wax paper to give them more of a "summer-at-the-fair" feel. 

If you've never tried fried plantains before I highly suggest you give this simple recipe a try. And don't forget to pick up LouAna Peanut Oil at your local Ralphs, Kroger or other Kroger banner stores. 

Bang out those chicken and waffles or that succulent funnel cake for your friends and family, with LouAna Peanut Oil you’ll have full flavor food every time you cook. 

A Day In the City

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Summer has officially arrived for us (though not officially on the calendar). Thursday was the last day of classes for the kids and the first thing we did was take a celebratory day to Los Angeles for some fun, shopping and sightseeing. We packed the kids in the car and hit the road for our first stop, Grand Park LA. I've heard so much about this park and we were all super excited to visit for the first time.

When taking any sort of road trip with kids it's important to remember the basics: like bringing along drinks and snacks for the car and making sure everyone has their cell phone fully charged. Our family has had the Walmart Family Mobile service for years now and with their new $49.88 PLUS plan Powered by T-Mobile's nationwide 4G LTE network, the kids have all the data they need to capture the day and share with their friends. 

Walmart's Family Mobile $49.88 PLUS Plan features: Unlimited * Talk, Text, & Data which includes up to *13GB of 4G LTE then 2G. One of the best parts about having Walmart Family Mobile is being able to purchase a new phone when one of the kids has an accident with their current one or when it's time for a new line. The newest phone we've picked up is super nice: it's the LG L59 - Grace which has a really sleek design and fits super comfortably into their small hands. 

With Walmart Family Mobile it's easy to start or switch, there are no contracts, no activation fees and no surprises when the bill arrives. Simply head to Walmart, Pick a phone. Pick a plan. Activate & Go. The $49.88 PLUS Plan also comes with a free VUDU movie rental credit valued at $7.00 each time you renew your service. 

Limited time offer. Available for lines active with the PLUS $49.88 plan only. VUDU enabled device and account required for digital viewing. Customers must be 18 years or older to open a VUDU account. Movie rental only available in the USA. Free movie rental provided in the form of a movie rental code to the value of a $7.00 VUDU credit. Must be used within 30 days of receiving code. Offer is non-transferable. Limit 1 per customer. Additional terms and conditions on VUDU's website:

Having three kids with cell phones could be a hard, like it was when my oldest were teens. But the $49.88 PLUS plan fits nicely into our budget so we can have enough money to enjoy going out without stressing the bill. With the money we save we can start to enjoy the summer and look forward to our upcoming vacation at the end of the month. 

Our Saturday was pretty great, we started off at Grand Park LA which is a great place to hang out for sure. There's a large green area perfect for having a picnic or laying on a blanket for hours reading a book, a wading pool for the kids and a really relaxed atmosphere. 

If you've never been to Grand Park I definitely recommend stopping by. The hardest thing for us was to figure out where to park, which you can do across the street at the Art Center for $9 all-day. Now that we know we'll be sure to pack up the park gear next time we're headed in that direction along with a change of clothes for the kids and some towels. 

Grand Park LA is the perfect picture/selfie taking park. The views are pretty spectacular and there's so many places to get that "perfect" shot. Something else about the kids having their own phones is that they too can capture these memories and moments.

As usual, our day in the city ended at The Grove where we did some light shopping for Father's Day, the kids and there was plenty of candy eating. It wouldn't be a day in L.A. without a stop at the candy store for an expensive bag of candy.

This summer is going to be a long one with six kids to entertain, but that's why saving money on things like our phone plan is important. We have an entire two months planned out with trips to the theme park, a week at the beach and our favorite hotel, plus countless more L.A. day trips. 

All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to this page or your local Walmart for current pricing.


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Not all heroes wear capes – a lot of them wear military uniforms – and Jorge is a real example of an American Hero.
Rocky enjoying the sunshine in the backyard.

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