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Nov 20, 2016

Chipotle Deviled Eggs w/ No Heartburn

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Thanksgiving is this week and as I'm sure is the same with most households in the US right now, we are getting ready and planning out the menu. With so much family coming over, we have to come up with a large variety of dishes to serve, and make sure to cater to everyone's favorites. In our household there is a definite theme: spicy food. We do cook traditional Thanksgiving dishes, but there's always the added ingredient of some type of chile to make each dish a spicy affair. One of our favorite dishes is Deviled Eggs and today I will show you how easy it is to add some chipotle pepper, to give this beloved dish, a spicy twist. 

When you have so many spicy dishes on the menu, I know to be prepared to deal with frequent heartburn. Especially me since I am the one that gets it the most and the one that will be dealing with a lot of the food prep. It's not going to be a great holiday if I'm too busy dealing with heartburn to enjoy the food and company. 

I always prepare the Nexium®  24HR Tablets 42ct, which I find at Walgreens.  Just one pill a day provides all-day, all-night protection from frequent heartburn – no matter what triggers it*. This is the best type of product for my frequent heartburn problems because I am constantly eating spicy foods and know I am already covered. 

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Chipotle Deviled Eggs
7 Eggs
1/4 cup diced onion
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon lemon Juice
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 Chile chipotle in adobo sauce chopped
paprika powder to garnish

Boil eggs, peel and cut lengthwise. Remove egg yolks and place in a dish, mashing with fork. Add:  mayo, lemon juice, onion, salt, chipotle pepper and mix thoroughly. Fill the empty egg shells with mixture and sprinkle with paprika. 

Delicious, and spicy! I suggest if you've never added Chipotle peppers to your recipe to start by adding 1/2 and then working your way from there because it get can a little too spicy at times. 

Get all-day, all-night protection with Nexium® 24HR. Make the most of your holidays with just one pill a day and eat whatever you want without having to worry about frequent heartburn.

*Nexium® 24HR may take 1-4 days for full effect. It is not immediate relief. Use as directed. 

Nov 17, 2016

Layering on Love This Holiday Season

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While the holiday season is a very special time for most of us: filled with family, friends, gifts and a lot of food, it's not the same for everyone. Times are very hard these days unfortunately and there are many people, including families with kids, who will not have everything they need this coming winter. Winter is an especially hard time for those with less means to be able to keep themselves warm during the really harsh, cold months. I know that I am so incredibly thankful that my family has more than we will need. But what can we do for and about those that need a helping hand?

A coat is something you and I have probably multiples of, right? But imagine just how many people don't have at least one coat to stay warm. Coca-Cola is supporting the non-profit organization, One Warm Coat, to help provide half a million free coats this holiday season. By purchasing Coca-Cola products for our holiday festivities, we can help them meet the goal of 1/2 a million warm coats to those in need. 

Coca-Cola and One Warm Coat inspired me to take some action by putting together a holiday care box for someone who is homeless. Doing something like this is inexpensive and though it won't make a huge impact on many people, it will impact ONE person and that is enough to make worth while. Now imagine that we all made one of these boxes, and that we could encourage all of our family and friends to do the same. Now that, would make a huge impact, for there are many of us, especially Latinos. We have big families and I hope that today I can encourage some of you to make one of these boxes for someone who needs it. 

#LayerOnLove Holiday Care Package

For my holiday care shopping I shopped at Walmart, grabbing things that are essential for everyday grooming. I knew I would not be able to fit a large jacket into a shoe box but I did grab a very warm thermal shirt in a size Large which is a pretty average size for men. 

At home I found a large show box and started off by wrapping it in newspaper. I always think a box should be wrapped to make it more special and when you wrap with newspaper, you are also recycling. 

Once the box is ready to go I carefully folded and placed the shirt and then added the grooming essentials. I added a towel, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and wipes. I totally forgot to add a deodorant but I will be going back to pick up a few since I plan to make more boxes. 

Giving back like this is so easy. We all shop a lot, so when you're shopping for all those staples for your family, add a few extra. Soon you will have enough to make many of these boxes and it doesn't take either a lot of time or money. 

What more can I do to help? You can have a family coat drive, asking everyone to bring in a gently used coat when they arrive for holiday meals, and donate after. Start a canned food drive for those families in your area who need help. Or donate to your local food bank. There are so many ways to help those around us, you just have to be willing. By coming together and inspiring your family and friends to donate to One Warm Coat® on, we could collectively help to put a coat on one million people in need this winter.

A Tutorial: No-Sew Pet Holiday Blanket

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We are very much looking forward to the upcoming holiday season. We're a pretty big family already and the added furry family members have made us even bigger. Luckily, I am a bit believer in the more the merrier and we're happy for our furry side of the family to join us. While they may be just pets to others, they are definitely part of the family to us and we will be putting together little gift baskets for all of them. 

It's already started to get chilly in our area and by the time the holidays arrive, it's going to get downright cold. I thought a perfect gift for Rocky would be one of those really cute no-sew fleece blankets I see online all the time. Today I am going to show you how easy it is to make a holiday blanket for your furry pet, along with a few great products that are sure to make their holiday season a happy one.

No-Sew Fleece Blanket

You will need:

2 fleece blankets (or material in the size of the blanket you want to make)

Material: If you're pretty crafty (I am not) you can purchase material for this blanket in the design you so choose. I always like to go the easy route and found pre-made blankets in holiday themes that were the perfect size for Rocky's blankie. 

Lay the pieces on top of each other with the right side facing out, these little blankets had tags so we can easily see which side was which.  

If you're using a pre-made blanket like we did, now you have to trim the edges. Cut slowly and very carefully so that you have clean edges and so you keep both pieces exactly the same size. If you're using material just trim edges and make sure both of your pieces of material are the same size. 

Using a ruler, cut a 5" by 5" square out of each corner of the blanket. 

For the fringe you will measure out the size of fringe you want. I suggest 5" long and about 1" wide. Measure out the sizes and start cutting by using the ruler to guide you. This is the part that takes the longest, but you don't have to be perfect at it. A little bit of error or crooked cutting really won't matter. And sit down for this part because it's quite tiring!

Almost done! Now we will tie the knots. We did and over the finger and under tie to keep the knots looking like little mens ties. We also kept the knots a bit loose so as not to make the blanket bunch up. 

And we are done! Now you have a warm & cozy blanket for your pet that will help keep the chill away during the holidays. Before starting I suggest you grab a cup of coffee and lay your blanket down on the table so you can keep coming back to it, because the cutting and knotting takes a while. But it's so worth it in the end! Our blanket came out super cute and she loves it. 

There's no better time than the holidays to show our pets some extra love, and that includes buying the favorite foods and treats. Ralphs stores have an extensive pet care aisle filled with everything needed to keep them happy. 

We've been buying Purina dry dog food for Rocky since we first got her. Purina Beneful Incredibites have whole grains and accents of vegetables blended to perfection in a mix of tender and crunchy bites, she gets 100%  of the nutrition she needs. It's also rich in antioxidants and the pieces are small sized which are perfect for her little teeth.

Some of her favorite treats are also going into her holiday basket: 
Beggin’ Strips smell like bacon and taste like bacon because they’re made with real bacon.
Busy Dog Treats help treat your dog with long-lasting chews that'll keep them busy and happy this holiday season.

Spread holiday love to your furry friends with the help of Purina! Now through the end of November, take advantage of great savings on your favorite Purina pet products available at Kroger (Ralphs) with this link, while supplies last. 

Nov 16, 2016

Avoiding Hangry Kids On-The-Go

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If you follow me on any of my social channels you know that I am that woman that drives around with a car full of kids every single day. Being lucky enough to have my grandkids near me is something that I don't take for granted. I have been very lucky in being so close to them, that sometimes I want a vacation from them, just kidding! Truthfully, we are a very close family and we are always together. During the weekdays it's after school programs, sports and errands, and on the weekends it will be more sports and some roadtripping. I've had a car full of kids with me since my early 20's when my girls were little, so I am pretty good about knowing what to always have on hand so that anywhere we happen to be going, everyone is happy. My car always has a blanket, books, electronics and a snack bag filled to keep the kids comfortable. 

Hangry kids make for: angry, fussy children and that is something to be avoided at all times, especially when you have so many of them with you. As any mom will tell you, having snacks-on-hand is a must! It only takes a few minutes to prepare a snack bag to take whenever you're out with kids. Let me show you how easy it is!

RITZ Filled Sandwich Crackers are now available at Kroger stores (Food 4 Less and Ralphs in our area) which means I can easily pop in for a few boxes on our way out of town if I happen to be out at home. RITZ Filled Sandwich Crackers are a favorite of the entire family, and I can never seem to keep enough on hand. I also pick up some fresh fruit and child sized waters, which are more appealing to kids and make giving them water easier. Now that I am stocked up I can pack the weekend snack bag to keep hangry kids away. 

On-The-Go Snack Bag
  • RITZ Peanut Butter Filled Sandwich Crackers and RITZ Cheese Filled Sandwich Crackers are always first in my snack bag. The kids love them and they really pack a punch at keeping hunger at bay.
  • fresh fruit is another must have and a great way to get more fruit into the kids. Sometimes they won't eat fruit at home, but when we're out and they are hungry, you bet they go for that fruit like they haven't eaten all day. 
  • I always pack smaller water bottles for them because our temps are very high and the kids immediately get thirsty. Purchasing smaller bottles is more appealing to kids so I don't mind paying a little more to ensure they drink a lot of it. 

With RITZ Cheese Filled Sandwich Crackers it's easy to turn that frown on a hangry kid upside down. 

These sandwich crackers are easy to take on-the-go and make my life so much easier. This weekend we stood for over 2 1/2 hours waiting for the tree lighting at The Grove LA and you can bet these are what saved my life. 

Hangry Kids? Not no more! 

This mom and grandma does not have time to deal with meltdowns or unhappy, hangry kids, there's too much to do! That's why I like to be prepared and Food 4 Less gives me the goods to do so, at a great price. What are some of your tips for dealing with Hangry kids?

Nov 7, 2016

Dreft America’s Messiest Baby Contest

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

Meal time with kids usually means lots and lots of messy moments. But that's just part of the fun of having a small child and it's something you definitely miss when your kids are older. Sure, at the moment that you child is covered in spaghetti sauce from head to toe plus all of the surrounding areas, you might not realize that one day you will miss it, but you will. It's one of those things that only happens when our kiddos are little and as they start to get older and eventually leave you, you will remember those moments with a smile on your face. 

Did you know that studies show that smashing, throwing and playing with food actually helps babies learn? Just like playing with mud and dirt does. Science has confirmed that activities such as these actually help soothe, calm and relax babies. But most moms always do their best to not let babies make a mess, and we might not be doing it right. A recent survey showed that 88% of moms let their kids play only in a diaper so they don't get their clothes messy. I have also seen many moms do the same thing at mealtimes at home. And, 80% of moms have thrown stained clothes out because they felt the mess wasn't worth washing out. That's so much waste! 

A messy baby is a happy and as parents we have to learn not to sweat the small stuff so much, like stained clothing that can be washed. Dreft has been my favorite detergent for baby clothes since my oldest was born in 1989. That's a long time to love a detergent isn't it? But it's come with me as I raised my kids and they grew up to have their own and I now always have it on hand for the grandkids clothing. As the #1 baby laundry detergent choice of pediatricians and a trusted brand for more than 80 years, the Dreft product line meets the different needs of growing babies and their families.

Dr. Dyan Hes, Medical Director of Gramercy Pediatrics, was recently named a 2013 top doctor by NEW YORK magazine, is the Medical Director of Gramercy Pediatrics in New York City, and sits on the board of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Dr. Hes is double boarded in both pediatrics and obesity medicine. With all this in mind, it's important that parents seek out products that are gentle on baby's sensitive skin but tough on stains. Dreft is a great solution for gentle, worry-free clean-up so families can embrace the mess and enjoy making memories with their little ones.

Dreft is excited to launch the Dreft America's Messiest Baby Contest, inviting families to share their favorite messy baby moments for a chance to win prizes, including the cover of the May issue of Parents Magazine! On October 25th, Actress Molly Sims got a little messy with the little ones and helped Dreft launch their nationwide search for Dreft’s America’s Messiest Baby at the Dreft Messy Play Date Party in New York City. With two children and one on the way, she understands the value of messy play and has embraced the messy journey of #amazinghood in her own personal life.

Twitter Party:
The Dreft #MessiestBabyContest Twitter Party will take place on Monday, November 14thfrom 9PM-10Pm EST. RSVP HERE. There are some really great prizes including an iRobot Roomba! 

Dreft Prize Pack & $50 AMEX Gift Card Giveaway: Enter by sharing a messy baby memory with us in the comments! Prize includes a $50 AMEX card and Dreft products.