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Feb 27, 2015

Ipsy February 2015

If you read my monthly Ipsy reviews, you will know that is has been very iffy with them for a while now. I joined Ipsy to get to know different cosmetic brands and maybe a skin care item here and there, but there have been months that I literally get more skin care than anything. I think there should seriously be a rule that no more than one skin care item is allowed per glam bag. Anyways, I had decided since long ago that the Valentine's bag would be my last, but since it was such a good bag I am going to go ahead and stick it out a few more months. So let's get on with this February Ipsy bag unboxing and review!

I saw a sneak peek of my Ipsy Glam bag a dew days before it arrived and it has been the only month that I have really been looking for it to arrive. I received the regular 5 items plus a bonus that I got with points. Starting from the beginning lets talk about this bag which is adorable. I love the hot pink, I like the print and overall it's a good bag that I would totally use for my purse. 

Tini Beauty Eyeshadow in Pearl Fizz is a very pretty champagne color. At first sight I was like, oh no another small, boring shadow but upon swatching I saw how pretty it is. 

This can be used as a shadow, for the inner tear duct and as I plan to use it, as a highlight. 

Now let's talk about one of the prettiest blushes that I now own. This is the ModelCo Blush in Peach Bellini. I don't even know if I own a peach blush, which everyone should have in their collection, but for sure I don't own a golden peach. I love that golden sheen and I know it's going to look just amazing. 

This is the first item from ModelCo that I own and after swatting this blush I would definitely buy a few. Just look at that golden shimmer, it's gorge!

I also got JOYA Composition No. 1 in a lovely, little rollerball. I love the presentation of this perfume oil and I sort of love the scent. It smells expensive and exotic but that undercurrent of musk still affected me after smelling it a while. I can't wear musks because they do a real number on my head and stomach, which doesn't mean it's not a great scent. It's smells so pretty, but after a while it will begin to take effect and I will literally feel nauseous. I will give this to my daughter who loves musk scents. I don't think Ipsy reviews will be amazing for this perfume, even though it's nice, but it's also a very personal scent. Not everyone is going to love it, but we will definitely use it. 
Top Notes: sparkling Italian mandarin, Brazilian orange and fresh quince.
Heart Notes: heliotrope petals, tuberose, jasmine, camellia and Damask rose.
Drydown: creamy sandalwood, pale musk and a hint of tonka bean.

Next I got a very fancy looking Cargo Lip Gloss in a great travel size tube. The color is called Anguilla and it's beautiful!!! Makes me wish that I could wear this pink tone, but it's too light for me, I haven't even swatched it because I don't want to ruin the tube in case I give it away. I am a fan of Cargo Cosmetics so I am happy to have received this gloss. 

So pretty! I think this would look so pretty on tanned skin, unfortunately neither one of my girls like pink lippies.

Already the bag has been pretty awesome but what made it even better for me is the Luxie Beauty Large Angled Face Brush 504. I have one brush from Ipsy and it's been the item that I use the most from all my glam bags. It's really what I was most excited to receive. This brush is so beautiful, pink with rose gold accents!!! 

The last item in my February Ipsy Glam bag was one I got my points. I haven't had a lot of points lately and I always miss the good prizes, but I love these little hand creams and I had enough to pick one. I have two now and haven't used either, I like them because of the cute packaging and they look so nice on my makeup cabinet.

Overall this bag has been one of the best I've ever gotten from Ipsy and it might even be THE best. I loved the blush and the brush so much. The shadow is super pretty and I love the gloss even if I can't use it. This bag was just amazing!!!

FYI, in case you don't know. Ipsy is a monthly $10 subscription. It's a good deal for the money, there are good months and there are bad months, but it's always been a good value for what you get. I would suggest trying it out if you're curious, because you can cancel at anytime. Sign Up HERE.

Feb 26, 2015

5 Tips for Not Looking Your Age

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When I was in my early 20's I never imagined that I would be so comfortable in my skin at the age of 41. In fact, I am more comfortable now than I was back then, and I think this is something that happens with many women. The teenage years are not exactly easy for many of us, I remember how uncomfortable I was with my looks, with myself and how much peer pressure there was. I was never one of the pretty girls, nor one of the popular ones, I was the loner geek girl who just wanted to fit in but didn't look the part.  Unless you were one of the "pretty and popular" girls then you probably understand me. Now I am no longer trying to keep up with anyone, I no longer look for anyone's acceptance and all that matters is that I AM HAPPY WITH MYSELF. I love feeling confident in my skin, there are so many times that I look back and wish that I could send some of this confidence to the geeky, awkward 16 year old girl that I was. I think it would be amazing if every woman, whatever the age, would be full of confidence in their appearance. 

Today I'd like to share a few tips for not looking your age. 

1. Taking care of your skin has to be the #1 trick to not looking your age. And I don't mean hardcore skin care either. I am on the lazy side when it comes to skin care, and could never stick to any skin care regimen that needed more than three steps. The important thing is to keep your skin clean when not wearing makeup. I use all drugstore products, I'm a bit believer in skin care not having to be expensive. 

At the end of the day I wash all the makeup off. If I am feeling especially lazy, which happens a lot then I just use makeup removing wipes instead of washing. I know it's not exactly recommended to do that but that beats going to bed with the makeup on. I always keep a package of wipes on my nigh stand, as well as my moisturizer. 

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I have combo skin but where I am dry, I am SUPER DRY. That's why I never skin moisturizer before bed and under my makeup. Even like that I am flaky during the winter so could you imagine if I skipped it? 

3. Once you take care of the canvas that is your skin, then you have to think about the makeup that you put on it. I am somewhat of a foundation hoarder, and there is no other foundation that I love more than a matte one. But because I have dry skin (with an oily t-zone), then I find that matte foundations don't look the best on me. They enhance dry patches, they seep into my fine lines and they just make my skin look so thirsty. I still buy these foundations and work around them with extra moisturizing and a finishing dewy spray, but when I am having a really dry day then I reach for a dewy foundation. These make my skin look a million times better and will actually take a few years off my face. So very importantly, find the foundation that best suits your skin type.

4. More than a foundation hoarder, I am a lipstick lover! Seriously there is nothing more that I love that wearing lipsticks in as many varieties and colors as I can. Once again this is where the I prefer a matte finish which can be very drying on lips. Whenever I am not wearing lipstick, I coat my lips with a variety of lip balms. 

Your smile is one of your biggest assets. Not only does smiling make the heart happy, it makes you look younger!  I don't subscribe to what people say about smiling giving you wrinkles, I think the bigger the smile the better.

5. A whiter, more brilliant smile is another way to cut years off your age. I recently discovered Colgate® Optic White® Express White Toothpaste. What an easy way to whiten your smile in just three days with no hassle. Unlike most whitening toothpastes, Colgate® Optic White® Express White Toothpaste contains the professionally recommended ingredient hydrogen peroxide to whiten faster. Colgate® Optic White® Express White has 2 times more of the professionally recommended whitening ingredient (vs. Optic White Sparkling Mint TP). 

Visit Walmart and look for the end cap featuring this product. On 2/28/15 there will be a roaming demo in 550 stores to promote this product. Ambassadors will be roaming aisle giving out $1 off coupons good on Colgate® Optic White® Express White. Find your store here: store list.

Like I said, I am now 41 and I am a grandmother of 6, but I am happy that I don't look like a "granny". At some point I will look like one and it will be okay because we can only hold off the years for so long. The point is to be happy at whatever age we happen to be. Right now if I can look younger than I am, then I am totally stoked to do so. What tips can you share to hold back the hands of time?

Feb 24, 2015

My Goals for 2015

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2014 was a very successful year work wise for me. I have been blogging since 2010 and 2014 was definitely the year that I finally reached many goals I had set out way back then. This is the year that I figured out blogging and working in social media, really is for me. At the same time our family went through many ups and downs, which took a big hit on my quality of work and quality of life because I got so stressed out. In 2015 I want to work even more than I did this year, I really want to take my business to the next level, but I don't want to be as stressed out as I was in 2014. I would love for this year to be a smoother year, with better planning, I want to have more energy to get it all done and I also want to have a lot more "me" time. Can it be done? I think with small steps like taking my work outdoors and getting extra immune support, it can. If my mind and body are in good shape, 2015 can be the best year ever.

My goals for 2015:

-Be proactive with my body: get more active and get extra immune support so that I can have the energy needed to run a one woman business and busy family life.
-I want to take my business and blog to the next level: this requires many hours of work, which is another reason I need my immune system to be in tip top shape.
-Take a vacation: in 2014 we skipped our usual yearly vacation which was really upsetting. Either we were too busy or had too many expenses, and it just never happened. That was not okay. This year we are taking that vacation, no matter what.
-Relaxing: I had a few episodes this last year where I completely crashed out. I was done, toasted and roasted, it was all too much. I had so much to do that I did not give myself enough downtime, which eventually caught up to me and when it did, it was bad. This year I need to make more of that "me" time.

in 2015 I am concentrating on that downtime. I’m going to shut the computer down a few times per day and relax: be it a cup of coffee while watching my puppy run around at the park or reading one of the many books on my Kindle, I need my soul to be happy. All work and no play makes for an angry stressed out woman and this year, I refuse to be that woman. This year I will give my mind the gift of all those wonderful books on my Kindle, I will spend endless hours watching the kids play and play many games of Candy Land with my little girl.

For my immune support, I'm taking Ester-C, a Vitamin C supplement that stays in my immune system for up to 24-hours*. It is gentle on the tummy and gives my system that added protection so I can go about my busy schedule.* In 2015 I definitely aim to be a more active and healthy person. Your body can only keep going when you are taking care of it. I am cutting down on a lot of junk and getting myself on the active train. Both the old man and I need this so much, I do see that gym membership in our lives very soon. Not so much to lose weight, just so we can get more energy and protect our heart health too. I'm turning 42 this year and he is going to be 51!! We really need to get active asap.

2015 is going to be busy, successful, fun and tiring! I have so many plans and I can't wait to start checking the goals off my list. Supporting my immune system with Ester-C is going to help me keep chugging along and my family will be cheering me on. I have everything I need to really make this THE best year ever. Grab your bottle of Ester-C at Walmart (currently on rollback) in the vitamin aisle, and support your immune system.* Find out more about Ester-C on Facebook and Twitter.

Feb 23, 2015

A Few Tips for a Happy Life

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Life is a wonderful adventure and I think we tend to forget that with the monotony of everyday.  Today I want to take some time to share some tips on how to have a healthy and happy life. And no my life is NOT perfect, it's FAR FROM it. But I do the best I can with what we have, and I always look at the silver lining. For me, it's about giving my little girl, and my grandbabies, happy, wonderful moments. So without further ado here are some tips to help you live happy and healthy!

1: Enjoy the little things: This is a BIG ONE for me, because my life is not filled with amazing things happening on the daily. I'm super busy with work and kids, sometimes I hit that pillow and just pass out. So I take time to enjoy all those little things most people don't even notice.

My first morning cup of coffee
The way the light hits Sammy's face in the morning while she's sleeping
My boyfriend smile and the way he makes me feel protected
A good book! (this is a good one!)
My grandsons laughter

2: Enjoy your partner and/or friends: I don't have a lot of friends, but I do have a great partner. Sometimes I get so busy with the family that he gets overlooked and then when I am about to go mad because I don't get to talk to a grown up, I remember that I have him. Our kids are numero uno siempre, but this guy is the one I am going to be with when I am an old lady so I better start watering that relationship and keeping it strong. Being happy in your relationship makes for being happier and more relaxed, so give your guy and big hug and stop ignoring him!

3: Take a vacation: I know this is not always feasible on a budget, but I preach it all the time because it's true. You need to take some time away from everything, grab your bags, or just your toothbrush and hit the road. Work will be there when you get back, so will the bills, but you will come back so refreshed and ready to deal with it all. I am always on a budget, and I have like a zillion kids, and even like that, we manage to take a vacation at least once a year. Put your pennies together and do it!

4: Get active: Our health is of upmost importance and yet it's so hard to stick to a real exercise regimen. I suggest just starting slowly and moving around as much as possible. I spend a lot of time in the car deriving everyone around or at my desk working, neither being good for my heart and health. So I've been trying to get everyone out a lot more for walks, to run at the park or even just to walk at the mall. The point is to get active. 

Life is short, let's enjoy it and let's make it one to remember. Have you watched Big Hero 6? We watched this movie as soon as it came out and the entire familia just loved it. I love peliculas that have such a great message of amistad (friendship) in the face of adversity. If you loved the movie in theaters, you will be thrilled to know that it will be available for purchase this week!

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Feb 18, 2015

Making Memories

This is a compensated collaboration with Johnson's® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

My family and I have been on vacation this week with all of the kids. It's been a fun, crazy and incredibly tiring week. Once we get back home I am actually need a vacation to get over from our vacation. But even as crazy as it is to travel with so many kids, I would have it no other way. For me it's all about doing as much as I can with my kids and their kids, as well as making new memories for all of them. Childhood is supposed to be special, I have so many memories of when my girls where little. Now I want to have as many great many memories as I can with the grandkids. 

One of the first things that I packed in the suitcases was the JOHNSON’S® Baby line. I have been using the JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo since my 24 year old was a baby, so you can imagine how much I trust this line for the boys. 

The new JOHNSON’S® #SoMuchMore campaign is all about enhancing rituals like bath time to stimulate children's senses and provide us an opportunity to nurture their ability to learn. For me bath time with the kids is really a chance to not just let them relax but to let them play and use their senses and motor skills. I love filling up the tub with JOHNSON’S® Baby Head-To-Toe Wash and just letting them sit there with toys for as long as they want. There is never any rush when it's bath time, especially when you can get two of them into the tub at once. 

After bath time I let the boys lay around for a while and relax while I apply JOHNSON’S® Baby Lotion which is my favorite lotion for the babies. There is nothing like that baby scent, it brings back so many memories of all my girls and now the grand babies too. No outfit is complete without some JOHNSON’S® Baby Lotion first. 

Everyday is an opportunity to make new memories with our family. You don't need to go on vacation or make any special plans in order to make special memories. 

It's all about rushing around less and taking more time to enjoy all those little moments like bath time. 

Life has #SoMuchMore to offer, slow down and enjoy the moment.