Oct 20, 2014

Going Dark for Fall w/ #Madison Reed

Thanks to Madison Reed for sponsoring this post and for giving me a new fall look. 

I have been so ready to change up my hair for fall. First I thought that I wanted to cut it, but having just cut four inches a few months ago I realized I did not want to go shorter. Instead I decided I wanted to finally get rid of those orange/yellow streaks that I have been sporting all year. I got the chance to try Madison Reed hair color and I was very excited because Madison Reed has taken all the bad-for-you chemicals and replaced them with ingredients like argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root. Summer was really hard on my hair and I was not looking forward to damaging it even more, finding a chemical free hair color that would not damage as much as regular color was a definite bonus. 

I received the luxurious hair coloring kit and was duly impressed with how carefully everything was packed, with every single item needed to provide a true spa-at-home experience. Taking advantage of Sammy being in school today, I decided to take the morning to treat myself by having a pumpkin latte tea and color my hair before she got home. The kit makes it so easy to do your own hair, with all of the instructions clearly marked and ready to make your experience super easy. The detailing that went into this coloring kit is amazingly well thought out.  

Already a pro at doing my own hair, I quickly mixed the product and soon was putting in my chosen color, Perugia Black, into my hair. I could not wait to see this darker fall hair on myself . This was the first time that I actually did not stain some part of my face when doing black hair color at home since the kit even had a barrier cream and a wipe for wiping off any accidents!

Thirty five minutes later and I was washing the color of with the Madison Reed shampoo and conditioner provided in the kit. It was then time to air dry and apply makeup so I could look see how it came out. I loved how easy it was to brush my hair out after drying and how soft my hair felt.

The Madison Reed hair color that they helped me pick out is a perfect shade of black that suits my skin tone just right. All those pesky grays that were right on my hairline in the front, GONE!!! And those golden orange streaks that made my hair look really dry and damaged also gone!


Doing my own hair coloring at home today was a lot of fun. The Madison Reed kit made my experience feel luxurious and pampering and really easy. I got a vibrant, shiny, healthy black color that I can rock this fall and winter and there were no chemicals to damage my locks any more than they already are. I really love the finished look and love how healthy my hair looks. What  hair color are you rocking this fall?
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“How are your EYES?” Vision Screening #TransitionsLens Twitter Party

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Transtions Lens and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

The fall brings on many delicious opportunities to enjoy some of our favorite foods. But many of those favorites are also loaded in sugar and calories. Fast approaching is November which is Diabetes Awareness Month. Diabetes is a silent enemy and over 90 percent of severe vision loss and blindness are caused by a serious vision condition called diabetic retinopathy. This can be identified and addressed early on based on the changes that occur in the eye that are visible during a comprehensive eye exam from an eye doctor.
Join Transitions Optical and Latina Mom Bloggers on October 22nd for an important chat, “How are your EYES?” Annual Vision Screening Twitter Party. With the year-end fast approaching, it is time to have your eyes examined if you haven’t already done so.
We’ll be chatting about the causes of Diabetes which can include family heritage, age, ethnicity, obesity, habits and lifestyles. We also have great prizes including a set of prescription glasses fitted with Transitions Lenses valued up to $500!
Transitions® lenses are the #1 recommended adaptive lenses worldwide and are an ideal choice for healthy sight. Transitions lenses block 100 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays – helping to protect the health and wellness of your eyes – so you can see better.
Transitions Optical understands that vision problems can affect anyone, but certain ethnics groups are more likely to develop eye- and overall-health issues that can take a serious toll on their vision and quality of life. Through its various web platforms and programs, Transitions Optical is helping to educate and motivate consumers nationwide, particularly in ethnics groups such as Hispanics, African American and Asian American, to visit an eye doctor regularly for comprehensive eye exams, helping with the early detection of vision conditions, such as diabetic retinopathy.

Twitter Party Details:

What: How are your EYES?” Vision Screening Twitter Party
When: Wednesday, October 22nd 9:00PM – 10:00PM EST
Where: Twitter
Brand: @Transitions
Hashtag: #TransitionsLens
Who to Follow:
Panelists: @7onashoestring @toughcookiemom @clubdelasdiosas @smashbravoteam @athriftydiva @UrbanJibaro
Moderators: @latinamomblogs @latinomarketing @JollyMom
Winners will be selected at random, for a total of four (4) winners:
    • Prize Pack #1: One $100 Visa Gift Card
    • Prize Pack #2: One Food Network Star Robert Irvine package including Robert Irvine cookbook, Robert Irvine signed apron and more + $100 Visa Card
    • Prize Pack #3: A pair of Transitions Eyewear (frame and lenses valued up to $500)
    • Prize Pack #4: A pair of Transitions Eyewear (frame and lenses valued up to $500)

Rules: For the official rules, please click HERE

RSVP: To be eligible to win prizes, you must RSVP at Latina Mom Bloggers. Click HERE to 

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Oct 17, 2014

#STSA Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias Fall Tour

“I participated in Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for Cricket Wireless. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

I am a huge fan of Enrique Iglesias, and have been every since he used to sing in Spanish. I've loved watching him do the whole crossover thing and have enjoyed seeing his success and how he just keeps coming back with more hits every single time. If you asked me to name a few of my favorite songs of his, I don't think I would be able to name them all because I have so many. I was super excited to hear about the The Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias Fall 2014 tour sponsored by Cricket Wireless. Cricket Wireless aims to give people something to smile about (#STSA), connecting with consumers and music fans.

More than a sponsor, Cricket is enhancing the fan experience by setting up some super cool activations, including:

Cricket Stage - A 10X20 stage erected at select tour stops where fans can hop up on stage and give their best "headliner" pose. Participants can share their 360 images on their social channels via "share kiosks" around the stage. Photos will be entered into a sweepstakes where a winner and 3 guests will get a trip to the Miami Latin Grammy Street Party.

Participants of "The Stage" activation all receive Cricket ear buds

VIP Meet & Greet - A backstage VIP area will be set up backstage. Meet&Greet participants will get to meet Pitbull or Enrique and take photos on a Cricket step & repeat.

Selfie Station - Mirrors in the ladies room encourage fans to snap selfies and post to their social channels. They can take pictures of all the fun they are having at the concert to share with friends.

Ask Enrique – Fans can win a trip to the Pitbull andEnrique tour stop in Atlanta, meet Enrique in person and ask him that burning question they have.

Hologram Standee Billboards - Located at high-traffic spots within the activation venues, holograms of Enrique and Pitbull will create completely lifelike images of the musician for concert goes to check out!

Find out more about Cricket Wireless and about the widely popular Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias Fall 2014 tour by following Cricket Wireless on Twitter and Cricket Wireless on Facebook.

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Wet n Wild Lac-My Mani Swatches

Two weeks ago I came upon the Limited Edition Wet n Wild Megalast All Access Beauty Collection for Fall 2014 Matt Polishes in Walgreens and I had to buy 5 of the 6 shades. Today I am sharing LAC-My Mani? 

LAC-My Mani? is an off white shade which really interested me since I have been seeing a lot of white polish lately. This is the first one that I grabbed out of the display and I could not wait to try it out. White is not a color that plays wonderfully with my skin tone, but lately I have been really getting out of my comfort zone and really branching out on new colors. For years I stuck to reds, burgundy's and really dark shades, and recently I am taking my love of polish to new heights and it's been fun. That's why I really love LAC-My Mani? 

LAC-My Mani? was a bit hard to work with. This formula is on the thick side and because of the wide brush and color, I had to move both fast and carefully trying to get the 3 coats on as thinly as possible. It took a bit longer to try because it is thicker, but nothing outrageous. After it dried and I cleaned it up a bit I totally loved the finished effect. LAC-My Mani? is not completely white, it's more of a vanilla white which looks really mod and cool. I think this is a perfect canvas for all those nail art ladies that can do so many great designs. 

After the third day, I found LAC-My Mani? started yellowing out, I don't know if it was something on my end but I did change it out at that point. But for the first two days I loved this color and how different my hands looked every time I looked at them.

I can definitely see myself pulling out LAC-My Mani? for those times when I am looking for something really different to wear, or when I am going to wear black and white because this polish is so very mod. So far, I am a fan of this Wet n Wild fall collection, I can't wait to try out and share the rest of the colors with you! 
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Oct 15, 2014

Five Tips For A Welcoming Holiday Home

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Charmin and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

The holidays are quickly approaching and that means that it's time to start preparing our home for extended family visits and a lot of family get togethers. With a recent move plus a few unexpected expenses, I don't have a large budget for redecorating my home for the holidays. Instead, I will be making small changes all around the house that will make a big difference. 

These are five super easy ways that I help make my home more welcoming during the holiday season.
  • Charmin is putting a new spin on toilet paper by adding the soothing scent of Chamomile for an enjoyable bathroom experience. By simply switching to Charmin with the scent of Chamomile, the bathroom feels more welcoming and cozy. For those who grew up with scented bath tissue, this can be a small way to carry on a family tradition. If you’re looking for a new way to freshen up your bathroom, Charmin plus the scent of Chamomile helps provide your family a soothing bathroom experience.
  • I don't go 100% out on holiday decor but I do add plenty of little touches all through out the house. There is no better time of the year, especially for the kids, so having the place decorated makes everyone feel festive and ready to celebrate the holidays together.
  • Holiday music is another small detail that makes a huge difference. I put Pandora on the holiday station and we listen to our favorite holiday songs.
  • Food! All of our favorite Mexican dishes of course, those are the main ingredient when planning the perfect holiday get together. Everything from tamales to flan and arroz con leche, everyone's favorites are served during the holidays.
  • Every year at the beginning of October we do what we call a "fall cleaning" in preparation of the holiday season. This is a time to purge of all items that we don't need. Some of it will be thrown out, others will be donated and we rearrange all the rooms especially the living area since this is where our new puppy is staying. This thorough cleaning preps the house for all of the activities that are to come in the next months. A clean home to me is a welcoming home and I like to have my home organized and ready for any planned or unplanned guests. 

The most important part of any holiday gathering is of course your guests. Once your home is ready to receive them, all that's missing is all the family and friends that will make each gathering so special. Even on a budget your home can be set for this holiday season with simple steps like the ones above. It's all about making everyone feel welcomed and cozy and about creating those special memories.

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