Sammy Makes Six

Dec 19, 2014

Worry Free Video Kid's App: Magicflix

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How much time do your kids spend on line? Sammy is seven and has been online now for over three years, she is more a master of it than I in fact. Her tablet is like a best friend to her and you rarely see her without it. And even though Adrian and I limit her time on it as much as we can, she still spends a lot of time online for educational purposes. As much as she is online, we try to be very careful with what she is exposed to. There is a lot out there that our kids have no business seeing and as parents, it is our job to make sure that they are on safe sites or special apps specially made for children. We also allow Sammy on YouTube, but it is only to watch a few family themed channels. The rest of the time she spends working and playing with apps that her dad and I have downloaded for her and that we know she is safe in. Today I want to introduce you to Magicflix.

What is Magicflix?
Magicflix delivers worry-free parenting and delighted kids. It is a curated video service for kids, 12 years and younger, created by moms for moms who are concerned about safety and learning for their children as they watch videos.

What is different about Magicflix?
Magicflix curates videos from around the world to be safe, age-appropriate, and positive - no more mindless entertainment! Magicflix apps are immersive and designed exclusively for kids. With videos across Science, Math, Animals and many more, parents and kids love Magicflix. To know more, visit

I like how many video options there are on Magicflix. Video categories include: Animals, Spanish, Math, Science, Music and many more. We've watched a lot of the videos and I like that they hold her attention because they are fun and have a lot of music, Sammy loves music. I'w always said the best way for kids to learn is for them to have fun, and Magicflix videos are education and a lot of fun for her to watch. Even Anthony who is only 2, really loves these videos!

Most of all I like that Sam can watch videos from so many categories and that I don't have to worry about her safety or her seeing something she should not. As amazing as the internet is, it is a dangerous place and we need apps like this to keep our kids entertained in safety. Magicflix delivers worry-free parenting and endless hours of entertainment for kids with positive messaging! Download Magicflix FREE on iPad and Android.

Dec 18, 2014

Gurus de Belleza & $25 Sephora GC #Giveaway

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Have you met the Discovery Familia Gurus de Belleza? Discovery Familia welcomes GURÚS DE BELLEZA, a series devoted to fashion, makeup and style led by a panel of three experts who help Hispanic women across the United States achieve their ideal look and boost their self-esteem by sharing practical tips and professional techniques easily replicated at home. The dynamic team at the forefront of GURÚS DE BELLEZA includes three of the most popular beauty consultants on the Internet and social networks: style and image expert Marisol Gómez, who is never short of ideas for choosing the right outfit for every occasion; Cristina Ordaz, a talented makeup artist who specializes in easy tips and techniques for applying cosmetics at home; and Gaby Motomochi, a charismatic hairstylist who shares practical advice and ideas that complement every outfit. GURÚS DE BELLEZA premieres December 12 and will air every Friday at 9PM E/P. 

Discovery Familia has been specifically created to reflect and speak to the needs of Hispanic women. Through its rich and varied programming, the network is meant to serve as a resource for Hispanic mothers to encourage them to take time for themselves apart from just taking care of their families. Discovery Familia brings to life the personal, emotional and physical journey of a woman as she strives to be the best possible version of herself.  

As a five time mom in her early 40's, I don't always have the time to learn what the current styles are. GURÚS DE BELLEZA offers someone like me, tips and tricks for putting my best self forward. I especially need help in the fashion department, for now I took a few of their beauty tips and came up with a holiday look. 

“GURUS DE BELLEZA” TIPS that I followed to get my look:
For a slimmer look, wear dark-colored clothing that shapes your figure but isn’t tight.  Avoid attention-getting designs or ones that add volume, such as frills, crinkles, sequins, glitter, bows, and large or loud patterns.

To give hair a sense of movement and a sensual but delicate look, I recommend subtle waves.  You can achieve this effect by using a curling iron on large locks of hair.  This will give you soft, romantic waves.  (I just purchased my first curling iron at the young age of 41! It's going to take me a while to get the hang of it and to learn to protect my hair from it, but I love the finished effect.)

Taking good care of your hair is an essential part of looking chic.  If you use heating tools, always use a heat protection product so you don’t lose the shine and weaken your hair.

For makeup that slenderizes and highlights your features, you’ll need to contour your face to achieve a “perfect” oval shape.  Use makeup to create a shading effect that downplays certain areas of your face and makes others stand out.  The goal is to shade those areas that the sun doesn’t reach: just under the cheekbones, the temples, a bit on the forehead and along the hairline. 

All this look needs to make it perfect for any holiday event is a great black wrap dress or some slacks with a red semi-fitted top. You too can get some great tips from these fabulous young ladies that will make getting the perfect look easier. Find out more about the show on the Discovery Familia on Facebook and don't forget to tune in every Friday at 9PM E/P for the show. 

The new year is almost here and many of us want to start of with a new look. One of our readers will win a $25 Sephora gift card to help get them on their way to a new look.

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Dec 17, 2014

RSVP for #YoursAndMine Twitter Party

Do you love a good Twitter Party?  You know we do and we’re excited to host a party all about relaxing at home with a date night. On Friday, December 19th at 1pm ET, please join us for the #YoursAndMine Twitter Party where we’ll discuss the importance of making time for your relationship during this busy holiday season. Plus you’ll have chance to win prizes!

How many things are on your to-do-list this holiday season? If you're like me, there are probably too many to count. And where does romance fall on this list? Nowhere?! Don't despair, you're not the only one not getting any romance this busy month, I think it's basically the case with many couples. But we can do something about it, how about a date night in? Sometimes romance has to be scheduled, and THAT'S OK! The point is not to let it completely fall by the wayside. Join me for the #YoursAndMine Twitter Party so we can chat about how a date-night-in can bring your and your partner closer, especially if you spice things up with K-Y Yours + Mine.
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DATE: Friday, December 19th
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Dec 16, 2014

My On-the-Go Indulgence #LoveV8Protein

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If you follow me on social media at all, you know that have an amazingly hectic life. It's not easy being mom to 5 girls, because even though three of them are now out of the house, now they have kids and those kids are always here (not that I mind this for a single minute). Then there is my Sammy who is only in second grade, her school and other activities keep me on my toes as well. On a regular day for me, I spend more hours riding back and forth in the car getting everyone to their appointed places and doing the waiting game waiting for them to get out. That's probably why my rear end is so wide (and yet so flat), I spend most of my life sitting either at my computer or in that car driving and waiting. One of the hardest things about these days, is the constant bad eating. You know me, I am certainly not a health nut, but I try to not to stick to a diet of bad food alone.

But what can you do when you are sitting around killing time or so busy running around that you don't have time to go for a healthier option? I found a great little indulgence that I can take on-the-go with me. Campbell's New V8 Protein Shakes and Bars are filled with protein that keeps me chugging along till my next meal without having to go the fast food way. With six flavors to choose from, I can mix and match them around so I don't get bored. I can't always make good-for-me choices but these V8 products give me something sweet to munch on when my sweet tooth kicks in and the shake makes an awesome meal replacement when I am really in a time crunch. V8 is known for all that veggie power, so of course these products are made with Sweet Potatoes and Carrots plus protein that comes from Milk, Soy, Pea, Brown Rice, Quinoa.

I keep the V8 Protein Shakes in the fridge and as I am stepping out I will grab one for both Adrian and myself. These are very convenient for on-the-go and really hit the spot. I recommend the chocolate flavor. 

If I'm going to be out for the entire day then I take both the shakes and bars with me, that way I can catch a snack as I am working or taking a break. 

V8 Protein Shakes and Bars are a new product, but you can find them in Walmart (in the health and beauty aisle). Get more info about these better-for-you choices by visiting V8 at, on Facebook and Twitter.  

No more getting a case of the shakes or bad headaches because I haven't had time for a meal. Super convenient, yummy flavors and filled with veggies and protein, V8 Shakes and Bars are the little indulgence that's actually good for me. 

Those Who Give Extra, Get Extra!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ExtraGumMoments #CollectiveBias

ln our lives, we come across many people. Lucky are we, if we ever get to find one of those one of a kind persons, that one that goes that extra mile to do something in life that makes them extraordinary. I've met many people in my 41 years, and while there have been handful of very special people, only a few have been extraordinarily special. Though I am not the nicest mom, or even the best mom, I have tried to teach my kids to be good people, to have good hearts. I believe that when you Give Extra in life, get your extra back. This year one of my one kids has stepped past just being a special person and officially become one of those extraordinary people that come along only once in a while. 

Today her sisters and I put a little basket of extra goodies for her, filled with some of her favorite little things. This is not her holiday gift as she already got something really nice that she had asked Santa for, this is just a little Extra basket to show our appreciation of her.

We wanted to thank her and let her know that we appreciate how she has come forward and taken on a responsibility that is not going to be easy. And even though it may not seem like we've even noticed, in a very big way she has become our hero. 

We had a lot of fun shopping for all the little goodies to go into her special basket. Her favorite thing in the world is gum, so it was a no brainer to grab a bunch of packs of Extra Gum from Walmart and wrap them up super cute for her. I grabbed a few of the flavors including Watermelon and Mixed Berry, we love mixed berry and all those fruity flavors!

The holidays are such a great time to show everyone our appreciation and it doesn't take a lot of money or time to thank all of those special people in our lives. When you think about it, look how many people make a difference in your day:

  • the children's teachers, these are the people that can sometimes spend more hours in a day than we do with our kids.
  • The crossing guard at the school who makes sure our little people get to safety.
  • the post man who delivers all of those important letters and cards from loved ones.
  • the UPS man who delivers those pricey holiday gifts, my UPS man is here almost daily.
  • Even your favorite barista at Starbucks deserves some Extra love this holiday season!!

So many people deserve some Extra appreciation this holiday season! Why not grab some Extra gum at Walmart and make everyone lovely little packages with a thank you card to show them we care, we notice, all that they do. I am going to be putting Extra gum in all of the teachers holiday mugs and other small thank you gifts. Who are you giving Extra love to this holiday season?