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Jun 30, 2015

Keeping Teens Safe on the Road #GetThereSafe

This is part of a sponsored safety campaign with DiMe Media and Allstate Foundation. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

When your children are little, the scariest moments are probably when they learn to ride a bike or a skateboard. I am one of those moms that was always stressing out that they would fall and hurt themselves, I am still like that with all of the little ones. Well that fear is nothing compared to when they begin to drive, especially these days when there are so many distractions. Car crashes are the #1 killer of teens in America and about 1/2 of teens will likely crash before they are out of high school. Those are scary statistics right?  But parents are the #1 influence on teen drivers. Your kids are going to listen to YOU above anyone or anything else, so you have to be ready to prepare them for the road. Visit the Allstate Foundation Helpful Tips page online and use this resource as part of your preparedness teaching. 

It's still hard for me to let any of the kids even drive me around. But using common sense and the tips that we learned from Allstate, I am reassured that they are doing all they can to be safe on the road. 

Tips to keep teens safe on the road:
  • Lead by example: Our kids learn from us, setting a good example while driving will go a long way in how they behave on the road. Teach your kids good driving behavior by always following laws and being safe. 
  • Before driving teen must create a distraction-free zone: Put all things away leaving room to maneuver and turn the radio down. Having no more than two people in the car is also safer than letting them drive with a carload of friends. Sure it's boring, but it's safe. 
  • Turn cell phones off: I was at at intersection yesterday and as I looked around me I realized that all four people who were stopped by me had cell phones out, and they were all adults. Talk to you kids, let them know how dangerous it is to drive distracted.
  • Seat belts: In case of an accident a seat belt can literally mean the difference between life and death. 

The Allstate Foundation’s signature program – teen safe driving – is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Over the past decade, the Foundation has reached more than 56 million people with resources and information that have contributed to driving down teen car crash fatalities by nearly 48 percent. The work continues, especially during the summer months, which are the deadliest for teen drivers in the United States. 

To bring awareness during these dangerous summer months, Allstate Foundation is running a social media sweepstakes through July 3. You are invited to post messages on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #GetThereSafe and @Allstate. All eligible entries will be placed into daily drawings to win $1,000. For more information about Driving Change. Time is running out so post your pictures to social media today!

Jun 29, 2015

Sending Summer Birthday Smiles

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The summer months in my family are pretty special because of just how many birthdays we have to celebrate. It seems like all the small ones decided to be born in the heat because starting on July 1st the birthdays begin. We start off with Anthony who is going to be the big 4 this July 1st. Then we have little Jeremiah is going to be 3 at the end of the month. In August it's a birthday on the 2, the 13th and the 23rd. There are two more birthdays after that in September and then we finally get a few months break. So it's totally non-stop birthday fun from here on out, but it can get petty pricey I'm not going to lie. Thinking about ALL THOSE birthday gifts and parties can practically break one out in a sweat...dios mio!! But you know me, I am a hard worker and there is no way that each and every birthday won't be full of special gifts, moments and memories for all those precious little ones. 

As any good grandmom, I like to plan ahead. Every time we visit the store we look around for gifts and already have a few put away that we picked up on sale or with a promotion. Big box stores are a great place to find limited time items that are priced super low and that's when I love to take advantage, then we hide it all at my daughters house and hope no one finds them. Another thing I love to do ahead of time so I am not rushing at the last moment is stock up on birthday cards. It seems to me that birthday cards are becoming a thing of the past and that's sad because greeting cards in general are so special. They are momentos of a special day, perfect for putting away to look back on in later years. Plus who wants to miss the smile when they open up that one perfect card you got them on their special day?

Walmart makes it easy to stock up on smiles with Hallmark Cards starting at .47. 

You know I am a big fan of saving money and these Hallmark Cards starting at .47 from Walmart are the way to go when it comes to so many birthdays. Plus it's super convenient to grab your cards on a regular shopping trip to Walmart, and at those prices you can stock up at once and you won't even feel a pinch on your wallet. BUT you will have some adorable cards ready to mail, send or deliver to all your birthday peeps. 

The summer birthdays start in just two days with this handsome fella. We're ready to celebrate his 4th birthday and have a really fun day planned for him. 

How many birthdays do you have this summer?

Jun 28, 2015

Saving Cash For a Great Summer

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are mine alone. #Save4Summer #CollectiveBias

I am super excited to share the news that I am a Walmart Family Mobile ambassador for the next 6 months. This for me is great news because my family has had a plan with WFM for over a year now and being an ambassador for a brand that I personally use for my family is important to me. You know when you have a family as large as my own, everything costs more and our cell phone bill used to be what bad dreams are made of. When my oldest where growing up, it was ridiculous how much we paid for three lines of service. Now with WFM we currently have 4 lines and the bill is not a heart attack waiting to happen each time it arrives. Instead with WFM, we know exactly how much the bill is each every single month and because everyone has unlimited service, no one ever has to cut down on usage. 

As a WFM Ambassador, I am super stoked to have gotten to buy the ZTE ZMAX for my ambassadorship.  I already know this phone very well, two of the kids have it and they love it, so I am thrilled to have it for myself now. As someone who uses their phone as part of their business and is on it all day, I am in love with this phone. It truly has everything that I need, not just for work, but for my super busy and crazy life. 

The next few weeks are going to be super busy for me and I am so happy to have a great phone and an affordable data plan and cellular service to count on. We want to take a week of vacation (second vacation of the year IF we manage it), but in order to do so we need to cut down on expenses and I need to work extra hard. 

With my ZTE ZMAX and unlimited WFM service, I can get to doing the extra work, events and jobs that I have scheduled so that we can afford our vacay. I'm not going to have a lot of time off in the next two weeks, but it will all be worth it in the end when we can get away for that one perfect week.

More info about WFM: Walmart Family Mobile service is $29.88/month (for the first line) Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service plan which includes up to 1G of 4G LTE data. You can find the ZTE ZMAX for $179.00 (was $199.88) or if you are looking for a more affordable phone check out the Alcatel Fierce 2 that's only $99.88 (was $129.99). Find all phones at your local Walmart and don't forget to pick up your $25 Starter Kit so you can get service started as soon as you get home. 

I am super excited for this partnership with WFM and I can't wait to bring you all more deals and information about this affordable cell phone provider. With so many plans for summer vacation, it's important not to be overspending. Lucky for us, our smaller cell phone bill frees up a lot of cash for having to spend on enjoying a great summer. What are some of your tips to cut down on summer spending?

All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.

Jun 24, 2015

Soon to be 42

This post has been sponsored by Lunchbox, all opinions are my own.

I'm going to be 42 this July. These are just some of the joys of being a woman my age:
  • constant trips to el bano, and when I say constant I mean it.
  • you're overly tired and yet when you lie down to sleep you can't.
  • waking up way too early, while you could still be resting and instead your mind begins to work out all the things you didn't do yesterday.
  • your body is just not what it used to be, flights of stairs, hills and even simple walking can be a struggle, or is that just me?
  • gray hairs galore, and these babies pop up over night!
  • permanent bags parked under my eyes the size of water balloons.
  • sagging everything!
  • the beginning of what promises to be a killer set of crows feet.
  • Did I say sagging everything?

You get the picture right? But I'll tell you what, I am super comfortable in my skin, even if most of it is on it's way downhill. Even with that long list above, I am happy. There are things that need to change, like losing weight and getting in better physical health, but I am happy in my skin. This is something that I was not when I was 16, 18, 19 or even in my early 20's. Confidence is something that for many of us women, seems to come at a later age. So how does this soon-to-be 42 year old woman find confidence in herself?

Big on the list for staying confident is taking care of myself more than when I was younger. I didn't even really start caring for my skin till about 5 years ago when suddenly the signs of aging started to show up. That's when I realized that the skin that took care of itself, now needed my help and begun an actual skin care regimen. Since then I have tried a lot of products, you know me, always a fan of trying out all the "new" items. But there is a set of items, my tried and true's, that I always have at home. One of those staple items is POND'S moisturizer. Right now I am using POND'S Rejuveness which is an anti-wrinkle cream. 

POND'S Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream helps firm skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles in 2 weeks. I don't have too many wrinkles around my eyes yet, but my facial skin is definitely sagging. It's just not elastic enough and sometimes when I look in the mirror I can't even believe it's me. That's why I was looking for a firming cream that will also be proactive against those wrinkles that are slowly but surely beginning to form. I love the scent of POND'S Cream and it only takes a minute to apply to my face and neck twice daily. I like how lightweight it is and how it doesn't clog my pores, it also absorbs quickly enough so I don't have to wait forever before starting my makeup or going to bed. You can find POND's at Walmart at an everyday affordable price. 

Overall 42 is looking pretty great. I really have no complaints at all. Aging is not always fun, your body changes SO MUCH, but you learn to go with the flow and really this is a great age, it's so freeing! The skin's not looking that bad either if I can say so bring on 42, I am READY.

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Jun 19, 2015

Celebrating Dad w/ Nautica

 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. 
#NauticaforDad #CollectiveBias

Once again Sammy's dad will not be here to celebrate Father's Day with her. Just like last year, he is away on business in Mexico. It's such a tough break for Sammy who loves her daddy so much. But she's kind of used to it, after years of having to adjust to his being away up to 5 months of the year. Not that it makes it any easier on her, she's always picking up the phone and looking out the window hoping that he somehow came home early. But even with his not being here for this special day, Sammy and I always prepare a gift for her to give him when he does get home. I got him a cologne for his birthday in January and I know his bottle is running super low, he loves cologne and wears it quite liberally. I knew we were going to have to include a new one for Father's Day, and I was hoping to find a really good deal for a large bottle since he goes through them so fast. For best pickings we headed to Macy's to check out all of the Father's Day fragrances and found one of his favorite scents, Nautica Voyage. This special Nautica Voyage Gift Set is indeed a tremendous value, for $68 you get $128 worth of product on one of the most desired mens fragrances. That's why I love shopping the Macy's gift sets, you can always get so much more bang for your buck. 

Even though he goes through cologned so quickly, he's going to go through this one quite as fast because the gift set includes the largest bottle along with a small bottle perfect for travel. And let's talk about how clean and fresh Nautica Voyage smells!!! I love this kind of scent for him, it's a scent that he can wear every single day and it will never be overwhelming or too fussy. When someone wears the same scent daily, this is very important so you don't grow tired of it. I switch my perfume daily so I never have that problem, but he wears the one fragrance till he's done with a bottle. That's why I am super picky with which ones I get him. 

Adrian won't be home for over a month and a half, but as usual we will be ready to greet him with a nice treat to celebrate him for being such a great dad. This Nautica Voyage Gift Set is incredibly beautiful and I know he's going to really enjoy wearing this again. You can find this set along with  the Natutica Life Gift Set right now at Macy's. Join the Nautica For Dad Social Hub to see more stories of special dads and the great scent of Nautica. 

Also, join the Nautica for Dad Sweepstakes for a chance to win some amazing prizes!!